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Nakima upgrades


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When it comes to defense, I tend to put Mimic's Blessing on her, as it can  (potentially) save her when you don't get the initiative. That's because once you commit Nekima to the action, she's going to be a priority for both crews so anything that can delay her downfall is welcome, especially in turf war where chaos ensues. A single extra activation from Nekima can change the game at times...and a :-fate may be all it takes.

I've also used "pact" once, not really defensive but...i once had her die a fiery death because of that lovely black joker, so the next game i took pact as a sort of immature "finger" to fate :P. It "protects" you from catastrophic failures from a fragile 13ss investment.

There's of course the old Nexus of Power, but i've found it too resource intensive as she really eats all those SS and cards if you let her.

My usual set up with Nekima is Mimic's Blessing and The True Mother.

That being said, your best defensive investment for Nekima is a Black Blood Shaman, imho.



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If you can get your hands on such upgrades, both of those would go a long way to help her live longer on a match. Combined with regeneration and soulstones, she's going to be a tougher cookie. I did get the book for campaign stuff, but so far we elected not to use those rules because it adds administrative things which we don't have time for.

Personally i prefer armor, as it mitigates the super-hard hitters of the game a bit, no matter what their flips. Hard to wound is good, but there are quite a few threats that will inflict 3 dg even on weak, plus the jokers can interact with it (if you flip black joker for df, or if they flip a red joker on a :-fate flip. Sure, they can flip the Black Joker too, but it's random...and i tend to prefer things i can rely on.

Now there's some units that ignore armor, but you can plan and react to their presence, while planning for a joker is quite harder and not feasible most of the time.

In those campaign upgrades, is there a way for her to get Hard to kill? If so, that would be my prefered defensive skill.

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