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Building a new transport box


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Hey there,

I'm currently building a transport box for my Malifaux stuff. I put magnet in the bases of my models to stick them to a metal plate inside the box.
So far so good. Since I'd like to put things like markers, meassuring tape, decks, etc. in there too, I thought of putting in two levels.
The bottom level contains decks, etc. and the second level the models (the secon level will have handles to take it out).

My problem now is, that the height of the box on the inside is just 13cm. For the bottom floor I need at least 3,5cm (better would be 4 to 4,5cm) leaving me with 8,5 to 9,5cm to work with.
Can anybody tell me if there are any guild models (the plastic one which are out yet), that are taller than that?

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Rail Golem is 8 and a half centimeters tall from bottom of base to top of smoke stack (with stock parts and no extra base stuff), and Hoffman can take it.

I think the Guardian and Peacekeeper are about the same height.



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Original height description got muddled.
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Sure I'll take pictures as soon as I start building it. But first I have to survive the planning phase ^^

One information I already can provide is the box I use. It's an Armybox from Planet-Fantasy here in Germany.
Basically it's a modified "Eurobox". They are cheap, durable and stackable.

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I use two 1.5 x 3 mm neodymium magnets set in some plasticard for 30 mm bases, two 2 x 4 mm for 40 mm and and three 2 x 4 mm for 50 mm. The last two also have some plasticard between the setting and the base so that the magnet will be flush with the surface as magnetic fields quickly weaken over distance. This gives very strong holds to the steel trays and I think you would do fine with smaller magnets for the 40 and 50 bases but I have a large number of 2 x 4 mm from before so I'm using them. :P The 30 mm bases only have 1.5 mm free so if you want to use thicker magnets for them you'll have to drill them out some.

I use a setting as the superglue between the magnet and the base can crack over time, but with glue on both the bottom and sides the bond will be much more resilient. When making the settings I drill the holes in a sheet of plasticard first with a powered drill and cut them out afterwards, this is a lot easier than cutting first and drilling in small pieces of plasticard.

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