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Under the Hanging Tree (The Faux from Grace). March 12th woking


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Ibuywargames first malifaux tournment will be on 12th March 2016. 4 round, 50ss fixed faction event in Woking.

Please find the Rules pack attached

This is a 22 man event and £15 a head.

Round schedule for the day is 4 rounds at 120 mins with 10 min breaks between each round and 1 hour for lunch. There are snacks and drinks you can buy in the shop. We are on the high street so there are plenty of options for lunch within view of the shop including fast food and pubs.

Rounds and schedule

9:00 Check in

9:30 Round one

11:40 Round two

13:40 Lunch

14:40 Round three

16:50 Round four

19:00 Prizes


Attendant list

1) Jullian Cox
2) Nick Featherstone 
3) Rory Carter.
4) Jamie Matthews
5) Jamie Varney
6) Ben Sime 
7) Tom Thorpe 
8) Wayne Smith 
9) Ashley Boyle.
10) Nicolas Gaillat 
11) Jan Proudley
12) Oscar Gonzalez Terrazo.
13) George Hollingdale.
14) Jonny Fenton
15) Tim Farmer

16) Lukas Rozanski

17) Mark Elwood

18) John Burgess

19) Troy Ashdown

20) Conor McNama

21) Marcus Rose

22) Ross Baker


Reserve- James Henley


Ibuywargames is only a short walking distance from Woking Train and Bus Station. 22mins From London Waterloo. For those coming from further afield, We have 2 parking spaces at the back of the shop (Please park in No's 56, and the space by the back door) and there is parking also available in the Peacocks Shopping Centre, Wolsey Place Shopping Centre, or Victoria Way Car Park which is directly across from the back of the shop.


 Ibuywargames Woking

 56 Chertsey Road







 Tickets on sale here


under the hanging tree rules pack - PDF.pdf

Round 1

Player Table Player
Ben Sime 1 Tom Thorpe
Tim Farmer 2 Jonny Fenton
Rory Carter 3 Mark Elwood
Wayne Smith 4 Ross Baker
Marcus Rose 5 Jamie Varney
Lucas Rozinski 6 John Burgess
Conor McNama 7 Oscar Gonzalez Terrazo
Nicolas Gaillat 8 Jan Proudley
Jullian Cox 9 George Hollingdale
Jamie Matthews 10 Nick Featherstone
Troy Ashdown 11 Ashley Boyle
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Bit quiet in this thread.

If I may, a couple of suggestions.

First is, even if just copying and pasting please can we have all the information here not just Facebook? I'm bias as I don't use FB but also I believe it's just clearer for most people as they are unlikely to be checking your FB page if they are not local/regular.

Secondly, I read on the FB page that there were 4 rounds of 135 mins? I assume this includes a gap between rounds, either way it isn't too clear and sound like 9hours of gaming with no break for lunch.

Anyway, just checking up as I'd like to see this event succeed, will be trying to promote it as selfishly it's a very close event for me so it's in my interest. :D

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Updated Attendance List!!

Just as a heads up we aren't going to be super strict with painting. We would love to see fully painted crews but what we want more is people down playing games and having a good day. In a tie break situation a painted crew will get an extra point over a non painted crew. We don't mind you fielding unpainted models you might not best painted :P.

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