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Picks for Reconoitre?


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My go to is Pandora with Fears Given Form, The Box Opens and often Aether Connection (stones mainly used to prevent), Beckoner, 2 Illuminated, a depleted (insignificant but is a minion so does score), Hans, Doppleganger (the two snipe off his errant models, even if engaged) and Primordial Magic.

The Illuminated move into a quarter, Beckoner loiters in the midfield, Hans/Doppleganger/Depleted hang back to hold another. Pandora flies into the enemy and causes chaos between Fears, Terrifying and her pushes to keep her out of their melee range.

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There are probably 2 ways to approach Reconnoter, You either want to swarm areas, or to kill opponents to bring them down to your number. Dreamer and Collodi are probably the best way to "swarm" with the summoning of the dreamer, and the large number of Signifigant models Collodi can buy. Other Neverborn masters are probably going to want to focus on thinnign the enemy down, so you want good hitting models and area damage. 

If your opponent is summoning, then learn how to stop it. Thats much easier normally than just killing everything that gets summoned. 

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