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Spirit Heavy McMourning

Ferrus Manus

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It could work. You would need McMourning and some spirits. You might not win.


On a slightly more serious note, just taking a random group of Spirits might be viable. Just like picking up a random group of undead might work. (or any other key word of your choice). 

The only synergy that I can think of (and I would say you could play lists without internal synergy) is Shikome making charges against poisoned models for a 1 action. But there are a decent set of spirits that don't really need much support to work. I would imagine Izamu, shikome and McMorning are your damage dealers, although you could do the unthinkable, and hire a hanged! 

Drowned, Onryu and Gaki are your best choices for scheme running, probably with Datsuba. for her extra walk. 

Of course, opening it up to a mainly spirit list allows a lot more options. 


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I dont think Spirit heavy is as effective as just splashing for a Shikome or two. They're about the same as rafkin, but with Adversary, they can lay down more consistent hurt. They also cannot carry Transfusion, so keep that in mind. Fitting 2x Shikome, Sebby, and Rafkin in the same list is rough, so youre dropping one of those off, or dropping Nurses, belles, flesh constructs, or other support. What is the end goal of running spirit heavy? You ask us to give it to you, but why are you wanting to try it? What is your idea of a list? Did you just want the community to brainstorm a list for you? What strategy/schemes would it be more effective than his typical loadouts? 

For me, I've been running 2x Flesh Constructs in his lists lately. Difference between that and the spirit spam is that they absorb alot of hits, and allow me to stack alot of early poison for some early expunges. 

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