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What spirits to look out for?


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Hey so I've been enjoying my Neverborn and I'm heading to a tourney on Saturday, but no one near me plays Ressers so I'm a little lost about what to do around them, specifically the spirit side. I used to play a little bit of Nicodem and Seamus on vassal so I'm pretty aware of what the Undead/Horror side of Ressers can do, but I'm completely blind about Spirit Molly and Kirai. I know their basic mechanics, like Molly's Black Blood Bubble and Summoning and attacks or Kirai's Ikyro and summoning and adversary and attacks and such.

Generally I just want to know what I should look out for. Should I be afraid of certain summons being near me? What puts on the damage? What ties me up? What do they use to run schemes? How scary is the Hanged, really? What can I take that will generally be pretty useful against them?

Asking mostly about Kirai, as I can more or less guess what Molly will be doing, and I've always been really interested in playing Kirai at some point anyway.

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The big thing to watch out for with spirit summoners is the same thin with Nicodem,... The hanged. The hanged, I find, are horribly priced for hired models but almost under costed as a summons, particularly in a crew that lets them activate immediately after they are summoned. Basically if you suspect that you are playing a spirit summoner and you require healing to make a certain model work you should instantly bring condition removal of some kind with you.

The next most dangerous summon is a shikome. Those things are model murderers on wings. If you've got poison on you they can 1 action charge you. If you have the adversary condition they get more accurate as well as deadlier. They cause poison, they can ignore armor. If you have adversary they can attack wp or df. Basically they are the spirit version of punk zombies.

Spirit summoners can also summon the drowned. Nasty resilient melee models that drop scheme markers when they die (thus Molly can summon scheme markers essentially at range when there is no enemy within 3" of her summon).

Be aware that spirit summoners also like to flood the board with seishin. These things aren't really dangerous outside a Seamus crew but they can screw up your plans buy suddenly appearing in b2b with their master, by sacking themselves to protect models in a pulse from certain effects from the enemy crew, and critically, saving themselves to heal models near them. Nothing has irritated my opponents more at times then finally chewing through Izamu's armor 4 (graveyard spirit is often near him) to almost death, then watching him heal himself, and little seishin near him begin to pop heal him to full.

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Yeah, the thing with the Hanged is that even when they come in on reduced wounds they can take a lot of resources to get rid of while also posing a big threat to anything in range.

If you want to bring something you know will be effective against spirits then the Stitched together are your go-to model in Neverborn. Gamble You Life absolutely wrecks models that rely on Incorporeal to keep themselves alive. They're also cheap enough and good at killing non-spirit models (particularly low Df wound-bags) so you can probably include one on the off-chance of facing spirits or even two if you think it's pretty likely.

Also, be careful of Ikiryo popping up and blocking line of sight. It's annoying enough that she'll take a chunk out of your attacking model but if it stops you finishing your initial target at the same time it's worse.   

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