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UK Masters and side events- January 30/31 2016


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hi all, this thread is going up now and full rules pack will be added in the next few days.

Masters itself will run over two days, and each day will see a separate ranked one day side event held in the same location.


Newbridge high school

forest road





firstly, UK Masters!

invitational event, 16 players - places offered to last year's master and the winner of Nationals then the 14 highest ranked players based on standings once all events that have taken place up until and including 30/11/15 have been added to the rankings table.

anyone who declined an invitation, their invite will be offered to the next highest player until all 16 places are filled 

players will be split into pools of 4 and will play within that pool on day one, the highest placed 2 players in each pool advancing to day two which is single game elimination.

this event will be open faction, 50ss games with schemes and strats announced once all players are paired and seated, a 10min window for crew selection will then begin. This window will be enforced in the same manner as the recent nationals event.

1. Ant hoult - confirmed

2. Joe wood - confirmed 

3. Greg P - confirmed

4. Connor Barker - confirmed

5. Craig Johnson  - confirmed 

6. Martin Wodehouse  - confirmed 

7. Martin jones - confirmed 

8. Maria wieland - confirmed

9. Conor Rooney - confirmed

10. Graham Bursnell - confirmed 

11. Paul Butler - confirmed

12. Rob Smith - confirmed 

13. Ben Harris - confirmed 

14. David Hill - confirmed 

15. James Doxey - confirmed 

16. Peter Sideway - confirmed 


the side events - league of extraordinary henchmen.

Day one:

fixed faction, 50ss, 3 games, 24 player cap

day two:

fixed faction, 50ss, 3 games, 32 player cap (8 spots held for the players that drop from the masters after day one)


cost (each event): will cost £15 to enter, pre-pay into PayPal (address to follow)

however, on the day at registration, a player may hand in school of faux gold star tokens to the TO to receive cash back -  £5 per token. 

No food is bring provided. Timings to follow.  Please register interest by signing up in this thread. Tickets will go on sale on 7/12/15
 League of Extraordinary 2015

Welcome to the League of extraordinary henchmen events . These are a pair of seperate 50ss ranked event that will run over 3 rounds each.  The events will use Malifaux 2nd Edition rules and players can use models from all 3 released books.

The Tournament Organiser
The Tournament Organiser, or TO, is the sole authority at Malifaux tournaments. TOs are expected to be fair and equitable in their adjudication of any debates or rules questions.  Regardless of the outcome, a TO’s ruling/decision is final. Players are encouraged to work out simple rules debates or discussions themselves as the round clock does not stop while the TO answers any questions.

The objective of any tournament is for everyone to have a good time. As such, players are expected to behave in a civil and respectful manner to one another at all times. Players should provide any legitimate information their opponents ask for during an Encounter, play their activations in a timely manner, allow opponents to cut their Decks, and generally treat each opponent as they themselves would like to be treated during the tournament. The Wil Weaton rule (don't be a dick) is your guidance.

The Warning System
Players are given a single warning when their behaviour toward other players or the TO is considered unacceptable. If the behaviour persists, and the TO determines the player to be a disruption to the tournament, it is within the TO’s authority to disqualify the player from the tournament. Don’t be that player.

There is a zero tolerance for cheating (other than Cheating Fate, which is, of course, completely acceptable). Players caught cheating by the TO will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Player Responsibility
Players are responsible for bringing:
• Your Crew – no painting requirements other than undercoat - no bare plastic unless it's Wyrd limited edition coloured models.
• Tape Measure
• Fate Deck
• Rulebooks and official stat cards (if using Wave 3 cards please ensure you have them correctly printed out and cut to size)
• Scheme/Corpse/Scrap counters
• Pen & Paper
Proxy, Conversion & Painting
Models do not have to be painted. They must be assembled (glued, not blutacked) and fixed to the appropriate size base as specified on the models stat card. There is no minimum painting skill  requirement.  Bare models may not be used. Official models made from non-grey plastic may be unpainted, as paint would defeat the translucent or day-glow effect.

Proxies are allowed as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they as being used for, however you must own the official M2E stat card for the model (Wave 3 excepted). Any proxies must be clearly identified to your opponent at the start of the round to avoid confusion.  Please be sensible about this.  
Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modelling skills and are definitely encouraged, although as with proxies they should remain an appropriate representation of the model in question.
Printed out Stat Cards may ONLY be used for Wave 3 models, errata models accepted of course.  
Models from the Puppet Wars game may be used if on appropriate bases.

8:30 – 9:15 - Registration
9:15 – 11:15 - Game One
11:30 – 13:30 - Game Two
14:15 – 16:15 - Game Three
16:30 - prize giving

game 1 Interference, standard deployment 

convict labour

hunting party

exhaust their forces

neutralize the leader

catch and release

game 2 squatters rights, corner deployment 

convict labour

show of force

leave your mark

covert breakthrough 

occupy their turf

game 3 headhunter, standard deployment 

convict labour

exhaust their forces 

leave your mark

undercover entourage 

frame for murder
8:30 – 9:15 - Registration
9:15 – 11:15 - Game One
11:30 – 13:30 - Game Two
14:15 – 16:15 - Game Three
16:30 – Prize Giving 

game 1 - turf war, flank deployment 

convict labour

exhaust their forces

show of force

detonate the charges

set up

game 2 - stake a claim, close deployment 

convict labour

hunting party

take prisoner

covert breakthrough 

frame for murder

game 3 - reconnoiter, standard deployment 

convict labour

take prisoner 

exhaust their forces 

neutralise the leader

public demonstration 

Time Allowance
As per the above schedule each round will be played for 120 minutes.
Included in the time limit is a 10 minute setup period during which players go through the Encounter Setup with their opponent, including hiring crews, selecting schemes and deployment. The round timer will be started once all players are at their assigned tables and the strategy and scheme pool has been announced.
If your opponent has not picked a crew within this 10 minute period please alert a member of the TO team.  Penalties to the overall tournament score will be applied to persistent offenders at the discretion of the TO.
When there are 10 minutes of the Round remaining, the TO will call “Final Turn”, from which point the players should finish the turn they are currently playing and not start another turn. At the end of the allotted time, the TO will call “Final Activation”. The players will then finish the current model’s activation, end the Activation Phase, and proceed through to the End Phase of that turn. The final turn should be scored “as it lies” and then VP totals calculated.
A standard Malifaux game lasts for 5 turns. Players should NOT flip for extra turns after the 5th. If players have reason to end a game prior to the 5th turn, the TO should be made aware as no further actions can be taken once players have agreed to end the game early.
Terrain Setup
Terrain will be placed in advance by the TO and must not be moved by the players.

Crew Construction
Single Faction.  At the start of the Tournament, each player commits to a specific Faction (noted by the player on their score sheet), then follows the normal hiring restrictions for each round.
Crossroads Seven – At the start of the tournament the player commits to playing the Crossroads Seven.  They may change the declared faction of the seven each round.
Fate Decks
Players are welcome to use any of the lovely custom fate decks that are used around the scene.  However if there opponent objects to the deck (they may find it hard to read) then an Official Malifaux Fate Deck must be used (These are Original Card Decks, Foil Deck, Retro Fate Deck, Black or White Arcane Deck)  We will have spare decks on hand but if you can bring an alternative that will be great.

As per Gaining Grounds 2015.  When scores are handed in both players must be present and agree that the scores are correct.  If a mistake is then discovered by either player, the TO reserves the right to alter the reported score based on the mistake.

Prizes on both days for the following:

Best painted trio (any 3 models from your announced faction or the crossroads seven)
Wooden spoon

Plus spot prizes to be announced on the day.





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