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Noob starting Ressurs

Ferrus Manus

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Hey guys

Ive recently got into malifaux. Ive only played a demo game and watch several others. Ive been reading up and really like the Ressur fluff. Ive got a few questions

When choosing a crew how many of henchman and enforcers can you choose I may be blind but i couldn't find it in the rule book.

Im drawn to the McMourning  and Kirai crews, where should i start?

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There is no limit on henchmen, which is in the official FAQ. 

Kirai isn't playable without proxies at the moment, or without tracking down the old metals, though if you have the cash many of the spirits that aren't in general release yet will be comming out early in the wyrd Black Friday sale.

McMorning, you'll want his box, obviously, I would then recommend buying a pack of canine remains, an extra flesh construct, and the Seamus boxed set. The reason for the Seamus box is to get ahold of rotten belles, which are popular enough minions it's worth getting them as an early purchase. While you can get them seperately from the starter, unless you have absolutely no interest in ever playing Seamus it's better value to buy his box as you'll get madam sybelle too.

Kirai's box isn't really playable right out of the box. You'll want datsue-ba and the 3 extra seishin immediately ( currently only available in hard to find metal, or via the upcoming Black Friday sale I believe) past that you'll want night terrors, the drowned, the hanged, a pack of shikome, izamu, a graveyard spirit, 3 or 4 gaki, jaakuna Ubume, and a flesh construct or two. You'll also again want to consider getting rotten belles, but I find with Kirai they are a lower priority. 

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