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Plastcraft ColorED??


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Looking for those who purchased the swamp train sets. I bought the unpainted city pieces. I love them and they work so well. Decided to buy the little train hut of the colored terrain to see how it is. Stuff looks great and so easy to assemble. Only gripe is you need to paint the inside but that's easy.

The big issue for me is the door and windows. How do you use them? Do you glue and paint them and call it done, or do you leave them out so you can actually use them in a game? How do you guys assemble them for your games?

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I recently bought the train halt and train station. The Train Halt has no interiors at all. Not even a floor. The station has the light grey interior walls, but it has a lot of adornments like paintings, clock, etc that breaks up the grey, so I probably won't bother painting the inside.

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