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Toshiro with Karai

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ive been thinking of trying out Toshiro with Karai, as he can increase summoning, includIng Komaniu, and he buffs minions which she can hire a bunch of.  Essentially I am curious if he is a good synergy with her, or simply adding to what she already does well?  Would the 10ss be better spent elsewhere in most situations?

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I thought Karai likes spirits most, yeah?

The issue there would be Spirits typically are neither living or dead, so you have to rely on your opponent bringing models for you to generate Corpse // Scrap markers, and that seems situational at best.

But Toshi is a cool guy, I just don't know that his summoning would be terribly good for you.

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I wouldn't bring him for summoning - that would end up being a nice to have on the field rather than a game plan.


However he does have a aura to buff all of the minion spirits attacks - double positive against models with the adversary condition on MI attacks. On top of that a fast shikome or hanged with a push is not a bad thing at all...

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Now I havent tried it yet, with Kirai or anyone (and I will soon), but I dont know if I would bring Toshiro with the intent of summoning, but perhaps the option, and here's some reasons I could think of why,

  • Corpse/Scrap Markers: As others have stated, unless you can count on these being generated, his upgrade isn't useful
  • Crows/Tomes: Tack onto that that you need a 9 of Tomes and a Scrap Marker for a Komaniu, and a 9 of Crows or higher for an Ashigaru. This does get around Kirai's need to summon against another model and wound them, sure, but it also requires you to take him, the upgrade, have the card and a marker nearby and then you cant use that card to cheat/summon with kirai later on. 
  • 0 action: Toshiro has a 0 to give friendly minions focused +1 when he removes a corpse marker with the action. If you're summoning, you can come into situations where both summoning and giving focused +1 can come up. 

Essentially, it's not the worst idea, but these are things to consider: You turn Toshiro from a card saving machine into a card hungry machine for the sake of summoning a few extra bodies. It's not the worst idea by any means, but if you do, I'd recommend to try it against Arcanists/Gremlins first, they all drop alot of markers. In this game there is general advice, but sometimes it's how you play it personally or handle your crew that can determine if the upgrade/unit is worth it. So let us know how it goes!

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Maybe if you can think of a situation where specifically ashigaru or komainu are something you'd want on the board, like wanting ashigaru to help push enemies out of turf war or something. Ashigaru are undead and trigger Ikiryo, and Komainu are spirits I believe? So it's not like they have no synergy, the effort of getting to that synergy might not be worth it, when Kirai could just be summoning something herself. Having multiple summoning points on the table that your opponent will have to account for can't be a bad thing, and even if he's not summoning, Toshiro pulls some good weight. Having a hard to kill node for Kirai's summoning off of Ashigaru isn't the worst thing, either. 

I'd say it's worth a try or two, in the right situation. Could be one of those things that just clicks, for the right person.

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