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Flat Tooth

Kirai Questions/Buy List

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Hey, friends! With the possibility of getting a translucent Kirai coming up on Black Friday I thought I may dip my toe in. She's really the only rezzer that REALLY has me interested and it would be a little bit more of a painting/modeling adventure than anything else. That said, I know I wouldn't get away with JUST her crew box (especially since it seems most of it doesn't start on the board haha)

Looking just at her summoning card it looks like I would really want at least a Hanged, Shikome, and Datsue Ba (of what is out and going to be in the sale). What else would I be looking at? Thanks in advance for any and all insight!


Note: Since this will be more of a painting and modeling project I *am* looking to keep it a bit thematic so I'm less worried about power levels and stuff.

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Before you think about summoning you have to have a 50 SS list, and I think people point out that Kirai's box has about 17 SS in it, making her possibly the worst value starter box in the game.

Since Kirai draws on the wounds of other units to summon, models that have a lot of wounds are handy for her, like Flesh Constructs.

Ama No Zako, as an oriental themed mercenary, could be good too.

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