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Mali-Fest 2015 (Boston, MA)


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Hello All,

It is with great pleasure I announce a Ranked, 50ss Gaining Ground Tournament being held on December 5th in Watertown, MA.

Mali-Fest '15

This event will follow the 2015 GG rules in all regards but one; it will be strictly three (3) rounds long, regardless of the number of participant.

-"Mali-Fest" will require painted models, per the GG rules.
-Schemes will be randomly generated and provided to players just prior to Round starts.
-DorkaMorka will continue to use a "loaded raffle" style prize support with Trophies for top finishers
-The Event is capped at 36 players. So please preregister. A Waiting List will be established if/when we max out!
-The venue is a private function hall. Alcohol is served on premise, therefore events are 21+.

Find out more information here:
A thread for discussion about Mali-Fest is here: http://www.dorkamorka.com/events/

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As a heads up...  we are currently at a thirty-five (yes 35) pre-registers for the event.  However I am gladly maintaining a Waiting List.  Pre-registering is as easy as sending me an email (ianelson23@gmail.com) because admission to the event is an unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots...  so I would expect some drops.

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