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Malifaux Demo nights at SCG Hobby (Latrobe) and Snake Eyes Gaming (Altoona) PA


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I'm avaible to give demos out to anyone who would like one at the aforementioned stores, SCG Hobby and Snake eyes gaming.

I'm mostly at SCG Hobby, but I do go up to Snake eyes quite a bit because a friend and I run some malifaux stuff up there. I am currently giving out demos in November through December 2015.



SCG: Tues, Thursday, Sat. I normally get up there around 5-7pm, but if you would like a demo just tell me and I can be up there whenever really.

Snake Eyes: Fri, and Sat. This place is a bit further away from me so I can't make it up there as often as I can to SCG, but I do go up pretty often, and if I can't make it up then I probably know someone up there who could teach you if need be.


Also, Just in case you need them, here's the addresses for the 2 shops

SCG: 316 Unity Plaza Latrobe, PA 15650 (It's near the latrobe airport in the big lots plaza right off of 30, the GPS will probably try and tell you Unity rd. or something which isn't correct)

Snake Eyes: 201 Cayuga Ave., Suite 10 Altoona, PA 16602


If you have any questions feel free to respond back to this and I'll answer as soon as possible

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Added in the months that I'm currently demoing through
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