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How Many spells can a starting character have?


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Using just the Fated Almanac your only rules-as-written way to get Necromancy spells (Magia) is to start as a Graverobber.  The starting grimoire for a Graverobber contains one Necromancy Magia and one Enchanting Magia.  You then can pick whatever three Immuto you like.  Now, you can definitely ask your Fatemaster if you can swap out the Enchanting Magia for another Necromancy Magia, or even ask to have fewer Immuto in place of more Magia.  It's all up to what your FM is ok with.

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Magic works quite differently to other RPGs which can take a bit of getting used to.   Casters are a lot more focused on a smaller number of abilities.  It can feel a bit emasculating at first, especially comparing a sorcerer's damage output to a gunslinger.   Works more as a horror game than as a fantasy game.

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