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No Ma'am Painting Competition

Demonn Agram

I vote for these two entries  

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Welcome to the second No Ma'aM painting competition. 


What is No Ma'am painting competition?
Well, my gaming group has four above than average painters (Mario, Ana, Andrija and Marko). So in order to encourage other gamers/painters to paint their minis I've come up with this little competition where it is forbidden for Mario, Ana, Andrija and Marko to compete - hence the No Ma'am :D

Now I need your help in deciding the winner and these are the rules: 
The voting will take place on two forums, here and on my clubs forum (http://www.ums-agram.hr/forums/viewtopic.php?f=103&p=257933#p257933 ). The winner of the vote will get 5 points, the second placed entry will get 4, the third placed entry will get 3 and all the rest 1 point PER FORUM. Both polls will last 7 days. During that time, our judges will also rate each entry with scores ranging from 0-20 and all the points will be added to get the final winner.

And here are the entries:

Entry 01

Entry 02

Entry 03

Entry 04

Entry 05

Entry 06

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