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"Rush of Magic" 50ss GG Tournament in wixom mi, Sunday Jan 17th


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Sure thing!


We Had 10 players attend and complete the day.

Top Place with Arcanists with a Raspy, Mei Feng, Raspy his result was 3wins  +19 differential

Second place was Neverborn with Lilith, Lilith, Lilith 3wins +14 diff

3rd Place was ressers with Molly, Seamus, Molly 2wins, 

Faction breakdown

3 Ressers- Master breakdown 3rd took Molly, Seamus, Molly, One player played Tara all day, the other Mcmourning all day

2 Gremlins- 1 player took Wrath and the band, Wong and then I think wong last round, Other play took Ulix, Mah and Mah

1 outcast- Von schill all day

1 arcanist- Raspy, Mei, Raspy

1 neverborn-3x Lilith

2 ten thunders, Player 1 Took Brewie, Misaki, Shenlong and Player took Shenlong, Miaski, Mccabe

All but guild represented at the event. 



Strategy-Turf war

Deployment Corners

Scheme pool- Line in the Sand Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Murder Protege', Plant Evidence

Masters used-Molly, raspy, Brewie, Shenlong, Ulix, Wrath, Tara, Mcmourning, Vonschill, Lilith


Strategy- Intereference


scheme pool- scheme pool- Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Distract, Make them suffer, Outflank

Masters Used-Mei Feng, wong, Lilith, Tara, Von schill, Misaki, Misaki, Seamus,Mah,Mcmourning


Strategy- Reckoning


Scheme pool- Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, Deliver a message, Spring the Trap

Masters used Round- Raspy, Molly, Mcmourning, Lilith, Von Schil, Wong, McCabe, Shenlong, tara, Mah


Working off memory here. 


Couple of Notes the Gremlin Player who brought Ulix and Mahx2 is actively avoiding his 3 favorite masters in the faction to try and learn something new hence Ulix and double Mah to get competitive board time with them. Their was a fair amount of mirror match rd 1 as pairing focused on geographical diversity rather than faction diversity. That's how the band got used by the other gremlin player Rd1 was gremlins v gremlins and manipulative/stacking auras hurts bowling ball Ulix pretty bad. I'll try and post up from my phone some event pics.

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