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Here Be Dragons 2: On Wings of Fury 30/01/16 Cardiff - Firestorm Games

Alex Hill

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So its that time of year again ladies and gents.

Saturday January 30th 2016 @ Firestorm Games in lovely Cardiff will see the second Here Be Dragons.

16 players, 4 rounds and something a bit different this time.

The tournament will follow a fixed three Master ‘Infiltrator’ format.  You must nominate a chosen faction as normal and choose two Masters from this faction.  However, you may choose your third Master from a different faction if you choose to do so (all hires will be from this Master’s faction as normal and not from the chosen faction of your two ‘main’ Masters).



You can find the rules pack attached.


Entry will be £15 including a lunch.

Any questions you can message me here or on Twitter @Rargleblarg

I look forward to seeing old faces and new ones.

  1. Neil Harrison
  2. Jon McCarthy
  3. Michael Rees
  4. Liam Coupland
  5. Richard Walters 
  6. Will Lewis 
  7. Kevin David Davies
  8. Dom (Hobbit) Westerland
  9. Jamie Armstrong 
  10. Dafydd Williams
  11. Richard Bream
  12. James Henchly
  13. Robert Tozer
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Will Aionus be tournament legal for this?  He has an official card but the book with him in hasn't been released yet and he isn't widely available?

Yes I will allow Aionus and any proxies for him.

Can we declare duel faction masters twice? Once for each faction? 

Yes but obviously that means you cap yourself at 2 masters.

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23 minutes ago, Mr Fish said:

Sign me up please.  I've sent payment.

Possibly a stupid question, but is it fixed lists, or just the masters that are fixed and the lists are chosen at the start of each game? (Sorry, first tournament so not too familiar with how things work yet...)

Welcome aboard!  The full rulespack is available on the first page but for this event it is just the Masters that are fixed.  Crew design is done as normal before the game.  Good luck!

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