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Fermented River Monks


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I tried them with the Brewmaster before, and they're pretty good.  I would imagine they'd be good against certain Ressers as well, since they're immune to "Poison", and can increase their damage output with it.  Makes "Hard to Wound" that much more manageable when you're doing 4/5/6 on one attack.  Plus getting to "Reactivate" when you've got the "Poison" to spend is nice.

If you play against Ressers, or have the Brewmaster, they're good minions to bring.  I do prefer Moon Shinobi to them (for Brewmaster, anyway), but if you're short a little on soulstones, they're good alternatives for him.

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I've tried them out with Brewie once or twice and find them fun and fairly annoying for my opponent so long as their poison is managed pretty well. The "sweet spot" for them is poison +2, to max out their defense and damage boost. Luckily, it's quite possible to start at +2, charge in, spend it to boost the attack, then with triggers and (if I recall) their 0 action, get it back up to +2 by the end of their activation.

if you're really focusing on them with Brewie, you can pretty much get them to reactivate whenever you want.

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Performers are also great models along side them, as Mercs.  Handing out +2 Poison for the "cost" of relenting on an attack that will do 1 damage to them is not that bad all things considered.  I'm a fan of them in general.

I also used them with Brewmaster, and Fingers makes them Reactivate ready with his +3 Poison attack + their discard for +1 Poison.  Second turn they can pop off Reactivate and effectively increase your Model count for the turn that is normally most demanding, when crews normally get into the thick with each other.

I like them, pretty cool guys.  But they are not as independent as many 10T models, because they do want you to at least have something to enable their Poison shenanigans.

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