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Who should I get next?


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I'm playing in a campaign. For the first week we were allowed to hire a 35 ss crew, with a henchman as the leader. We needed to pay for the henchman though and did not get his cache of stones. My crew is Francois, Merris, Burt, Gracie, and a Slop Hauler. This set up is working okay for me so far. I have up to 9 ss to buy a new model for the next week of the campaign (I don't have to spend it all, and if I save up that could help me get cool stuff later).

Anyway, my actual question is, who should I hire next, and why? Part of the strategy of Malifaux is building a crew after you know the schemes. This whole, build a versatile crew to last for several games is novel.

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Rami can be situational but as a new player it's nice to play with a sniper on some maps. With Lenny near him, it is 100% possible for Rami to double focus and headshot someone for 8 damage the first activation of a game. All you neex is a reasonable card and a face in your starting draw. Let me tell you sir, that is a sweet feeling.

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