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Basing the Iron Zombies


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Just to be sure, I'd like to have Iron Zombies' base sizes confirmed as per the stat cards. Specifically, Student of Steel has to go on a 30mm base as per card? I ask because in my Transmortis box were includes 2x 40mm bases and 2x 50mm bases. No 30mm bases at all (no problem for the base itself, I have plenty of spares, just want to be sure to correctly base the models).

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The Crossroads book has them listed as:

Valedictorian 50mm

Student of Sinew 40mm

Student of Steel 30mm

Student of Viscera 50mm

The FAQ Errata doc doesn't list any as changed from that. I do seem to recall reading threads when the first version of the University of Transmortis boxes were released (released during the edition change in a largish yellow grey box without M2e badging) that they had some incorrect bases shipped with it.

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