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New to Rezzers questions (Tara Qs, maybe Molly/Kirai later)


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I've been interested in the Rezzer side of things since reading about Kirai - the aesthetics of her typical crew appeal to me quite a bit, so I was planning on exploring them along the way. Tara's NE crew also proved too tempting for me, and I grabbed Molly after hearing Spirit Molly works really well (although with Tara, I'll have a decent selection of Horrors).

Right now I'm painting up Tara to mess around with as Rezzer after the end of Nythera, since I'm trying to stick with "Play It Painted" for Malifaux, and I won't be able to pick up a bunch of stuff to really get Kirai (and Spirit Molly) going until at least the Black Friday sale - Tara will get me going the fastest in Rezzer side.

Right now I have the following Rezzer items I've been accumulating over the previous year or so, buffered slightly by crossover with 10T. All items where it would be important (like the boxes), are 2e.


-Yan Lo




-Nicodem (Mostly for Punk Zombies, really - just didn't want to regret it later in case I muck around with him too).





-Crooked Men

-Night Terror (metal, 4x)

-Sloth (Crossroads 7 in general)


-Mercs of note: Killjoy, Hannah.

-Death Marshals for use with Tara



For Black Friday, it'll remain to be seen what's available for what price, but I'll have a fairly decent spending cap and am looking at, if available, Datsue Ba, Skikome, and Drowned. If there are any other suggestions for what to get, I'm open, but not particularly interested in Nurses or Belles at the moment, which I'm aware is positively heresy with Molly.


So, on to the questions I have so far:

-I'm familiar with the unbury bomb for Tara. What I'm less sure about is what peoples' experiences are with the unbury preferred target in Rezzers. Do you pay the Merc toll for Killjoy, or do you take another in his stead? Do you even take two targets, not including Nothing Beast? The unbury bomb seems to be somewhat promising for Izamu, and he's got the Ml Expert going on.

-The Faces of Oblivion: Pretty awesome upgrade for Karina as I understand it. However, it works at crosspurposes with Glimpse the Void, particularly if you're trying to also work around Pull The Void to set up a bomb, or simply getting something tucked away. At the very least, it looks like it'll cause order of activation headaches. Any experiences with wrangling that? Or is the answer as simple as "Plan on activating Tara first and using Faces in the Void"?

-On a similar note, what about balancing Death Marshal burying versus Pull the Void?



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