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Quirky Kirai List


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Hey all, theorycrafting here. 

Of course every crew list is dependent on local meta, opponent, terrain, and schemes. 

What do you think of this general take-all-comers list?

Resurrectionists - 50ss Crew

Kirai Ankoku -- 7SS Cache
+Absorb Spirit - 1ss
+Unforgiven - 2ss
+Swirling Aether - 2ss


  • Datsue Ba - 8ss
    +Spirit Beacon - 1ss
    +Spirit Whispers - 1ss
  • Madame Sybelle - 8ss
    +Bleeding Tongue - 1ss
    +Not Too Banged Up - 1ss
  • Night Terror - 3ss
  • Night Terror - 3ss
  • Nurse - 5ss
  • Rotten Belle - 5ss
  • Rotten Belle - 5ss


The Night Terrors are there to get in the opponents face, be hard to kill, and generally provide a lot of worth for 3 ss. With Datsue Ba and Kirai happy to snipe into combat, I'll happily engage whatever is thrown at me.Once they are low on wounds, Datsue Ba's aura will allow them to place a scheme marker as they die to fuel my summoning. Seishin spam will provide Kirai with cards, protection, or +ca. Ideally I'll lure one enemy model to the middle-ish. I'll use Sybelle to obey it to hit one of the belles. That will summon Ikiryo for free just before the main fight breaks out. Kirai will summon two shikome (I can dream, right?), and then mix in buffing and sundering at 3/4/5 while my spirits wail on everything. Belles and Sybelle will help get my damage dealers up the board. Later on, whoever is left will run schemes. 


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The nurse is there to paralyze things, heal incorporeal or hard to kill pieces, or pump up an average fighter into a melee powerhouse. With hallucinogens, Kirai's Mark the Soul, and adversary, even a 3 point night terror is hitting a 3/4/5 with 5 melee and +flips on attack and damage. Imagine a Shikome =D With seishin spam, Ikiryo, and regular summoning, I might outnumber my oppaonent; then I can swap my powerful summoned spirits with night terrors, buff them up, and go to town. Ikiryo with full buffs hits twice with Ml 6 5/6/7, + flips on both attack and damage, and +++ flip on damage with a ram.  

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By luring a random mook with the Belles and Obeying it to hit me with Sybelle, I don't have to depend on my opponent (or lost love) to allow me the opportunity to summon Ikiryo. Kirai has enough mobility with Swirling Aether that she can stay close to the front lines. 


This is sort of a "death ball" list.

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General all comers lists are not a good idea. 

Personally I don't think its a great idea to use your Ap to hurt your own models to summon Ikryu. Her biggest  advantage is her being summoned during an enemy models activation, and stopping them from shooting a second time, and then her being able to activate straight away. You have created a way for the enemy to take advantage of that activation where you can't summon her. 

Its hard to say that this list won't work, but its something that I think putting it on  the table will show its stresses. I don't think I would ever manage to stick to your plan for it, and they only way you can see if you will is to play it. Things like activation order in early turns to get seishin  summoned to allow you to summon other models with kirai without killing the models you currently have. I would look at trying to get Chaiki in there for removal of Paralysis on your own models if you are healing them. 

Its probably going to do best in something like Turf war with plant explosives or spring the trap. It would do very very badly in interference and things like power ritual, make them suffer and breakthrough. Play it under its best conditions first, and if it seems to work then, play it under its worst situation, and see how it does then. 

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Thanks for the reply Adran! I'm very new - only 3 games played, mired in the beauty of painting, so I don't think I'll see many more for some months. I listen to podcasts and imagine, but of course with so little experience it's hard to "see" how it will play out through the game. Nonetheless. I recognize that if I don't practice making lists now, I'm going to be very sad when I actually have to make them in a short amount of time. Hence the game. 

I really appreciate your analysis of the situation!

The idea for this list came from thinking about the weaknesses of Kirai and hearing about a game where the opponent simply chose not to attack Kirai. I think that Ikiryo is built into Kirai's power budget, and so this seems like a pretty effective way to play if you can still manage to get your schemes et al. Since I already have Madame and the Belles and I don't have unlimited money, using them in a crew with Kirai is appealing (since I might actually buy and paint all of that list in the next 4 months). I thought to myself, hmm... I can just lure and force him to attack me if he chooses not to. 

If he were to shoot me, obviously that's a better use of AP than forcing it with Madame. 

Anyway, I'll try it out someday. Thanks for the feedback =)

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