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Mindless zombie card machine

Strangely Brown

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Hey - this came up on VASSAL last night (pointed out by my opponent in my favour) but I can't believe it's legit;

The situation:

  • I am running Nicodem with maniacal laugh and undertaker.
  • I have (x) mindless zombies wandering around (I have generated more corpse counters than I can summon off).
  • I activate my (x) mindless zombies to gain activation control
  • I cast maniacal laugh, which says (something like) 'discard corpse counter to summon mindless zombie'
    • Looking on the mindless zombie card, it says (something like) 'this model counts as a corpse counter.  If the corpse counter is discarded, sacrifice this model.'
    • So I place a new mindless zombie in B2B with each zombie
    • Then I sacrifice each mindless zombie, and draw a card for each (for undertaker)
    • Now I have (x) new mindless zombie to activate

So in summary, for the cost of a 7 of any suit and a (0) action, I have gained (x) * 2AP and (x) cards (and possibly an inch or so of position when I place each new zombie.

Seems broken, but I can't find anything in the rulebook, in the errata or FAQs, or on these hallowed pages to prevent the above.  Am I being blind/naive/hopelessly misguided?




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I was thinking this is what leads us Resurrectionists to delving to that next, more secret, more powerful treasure trove of old musty tomes. Just when you think you have the final, biggest secret, some close minded soul keeps you from it! Curses, foiled again! Don't think this is the last you've heard of me! I'll be back!!!!!


I may be a little too in character, lately.

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