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Zoraida with Pigs?


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I've been thinking about running Zoraida with most of her crew being pigs, boars, war pigs, roosters and other kind of animals within the Gremlins faction. Is it viable? As far as i know, it's viable, but i don't know the crew composition. 

Pigs, boars and other bacon bro's need to be supervised by some other models like old major and gremlins to avoid charging themselves. So, any ideas on the lists? Can a crew based on crazy bacon score VP and accomplish all the objectives or would be situational crew composition?

PS: Been thinking too with Mc Tavish and swampfiends, that would be more reliable?

Thanks for your time :)

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Gremlin Zoraida loves her piggies and her rooster riders even more. There's no generic crew composition that works well, although Wild Boars can't charge as a (1). It's mostly down to how confident you are keeping your pigs from charging friends. If you're not as confident, bring a hog whisperer or rooster riders instead.

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Oh! I didn't realise wild boars didn't have (1) charge. Damn, anyway, it's nearly impossible to play pigs without hog whisperer or gremlins right? Cuz they charge each other if i'm not wrong :/

They do get a bonus when they attack outside of their activation, though, so there is zome Zoraida zynergy to be had. And they have Stampede so you can get three Attacks out of them with one Obey if you have a high Rams in hand - all with the positive twist to Attack.

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So those 3 attacks you say with the Wild Boar, where do you get them from? I can count 2 and if well positioned, maybe 3. 

 - Bayou Ramage: At the start of this models Activation, if it is not engaged, within (X)2 of a friendly Gremlin, or within (X) 8 of a friendly model with the "Pork Whisper'n" Ability, it must take the Charge Action if it is able and there is a legal target available.

My doubt is: this rule, forces you to activate the Wild Boar if he's not in those two situations it mentions? If the WB got to kill someone, would benefit from the rule "Eat your fill"?

Sorry guys, but i'm a total noob with just one game and still reading the rulebook :/ 

I love Zoraida, but i'm feeling discouraged with her. On paper seems to lack something...maybe more than that.

Thanks for your time guys :) 

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What I've found is usually once the pigs are in the enemy lines, especially if they were the vanguard, you can stop the auto charges. Either they die doing what they love, or you can delay their activation long enough to run a cheap gremlin up. Also you can delay their activation and have zoraida move up and obey them far enough to charge again. They have so much mobility, 13" from a scrum in the middle is almost always enough to get to a new model. 13 is zoraida obey then their normal charge.

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Sammy is probably my favourite model in the game, but her stuffed piggy summon is a little situational (it's off enemy scheme markers, not corpse markers)

If you wanna summon lots of stuffed piglets, check out the taxidermist.

Woah yeah, got completely confused. 

Stuffed piglets are amazing and should be spammed at all times! 

Doctors Prescription: more stuffed piglets!

Who doesn't love a lovely piggie stuffed on explosives...man i love explosions... :blast

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Sounds like you would just be better off running Ulix with a pig horde + support (slop haulers etc.). He brings more to the table for pigs than Zoraida. Even Somer does more for the pig game.

I feel Zoraida is more about board control/positioning (obey, hexed among you, & animal shape), sturdy minions you wouldn't normally get in Gremlins (like Waldgeists), and condition shenanigans (through Nurse, Iggy + Voodoo Doll). She is a really solid choice for Reconnoiter, Stake A Claim, Breakthrough, Outflank & Power Ritual.

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