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RustandtheCity's Malifaux Painting


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my painting log! I'm new to Malifaux. In the first part of this log I will share some pictures of my Ramos crew and some pictures of my other painted models for other systems. I have a painting blog at Rust and the City.

I'm going to save this space for links to different projects as this grows beyond 1 page.

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Thanks for the kind words. There are so many great painters on here.

FB-I was sorry to not be able to make it to Foodhammer. Hopefully I can make another tournament in the spring.

I've finished painting the Electric Creation.


I reposed the model a bit. I cut the legs off an reglued them to a base I made to make it look like the Electric Creation is emerging from the sewers.



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Very pleasing indeed; those metallics of yours are wonderful.

One thing I could see improved is the clothing, it looks a bit strange to have every edge highlighted with the same strength. Perhaps doing more 'general' light and shadows and then getting back to some folds for added light and contrasts would make for a more realistic result ?

Then again, the pictures are twice the size of the actual mini so it might be necessary IRL to have such strong highlights.

Anyway, great work !

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Thanks deafnala. Great to hear from you again. Have you painted any of these newer plastic sculpts? Lots of fun to paint.

SC-I love your work! Been browsing your whole log today. The model is funny. His feet and fists are way bigger than his head. It looks alright when painted though. It is interesting as its almost shaped to show a dramatic looking up view of a giant. 

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