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I'm in the family! Does Misaki have any 'must have' models?


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For the longest time I only really played The Thunder box as it was.

I did buy the Vik box and McMourning, just as other kits I thought looked cool, and the Ronin being Mercs, once in a while I would bring them if I had to bump up my crew size to match my opponent.


More recently I got Oiran, who I think are fairly great models, but I go up against Neverborn frequently and their +1 Wp Aura is great against almost all Neverborn.

That was the last "new" thing I got before more recently, and now I have a good smattering of all kinds of 10T things (Not all assembled though).  I personally like the Last Blossom theme, but mostly from what I hear many of the 10T models are solid on their own.  Other factions might want to bring models in specific combinations, or to combo (Nephilim and Tots, with Neph Enforcer/Henches), or Guardsman style models that want buffs from being near each other, and Arcanist have pretty strict demands for what they like to run with.  But with 10T, it's way easier to just pick up what you like, and not have to worry too much.

Yamaziko is easily one of my favorite new acquires, she is very solid, and as long as she doesn't get swamped with Peons (Ressers like Mindless Zombies), she is quite good in combat, plus with non-Last Blossom theme crews, she can hold the Smoke and Shadow Upgrade to keep the other Last Blossoms able to teleport around the board.  It's a pretty good upgrade, the Smoke Bomb by itself is very good, just to prevent anyone trying to shoot your guys dead from getting them too early in the game.

Besides that, it's what ever looks good.  I think picking a tri-fecta of Factions with over-laping leaders is a good idea personally, so you can focus on expanding into them and bolster your options more than one way.  Tara (Outcast/Ressers), Yan Lo (Ressers/10T) and Misaki (10T/Outcast) make a good base that can draw on each others' models to a degree.

Jacob Lynch's box is really solid too, from what I hear the Illuminated (I don't own any, though I have used proxies like once), are some of the most cost efficient models, extremely survivable and with support // set up their damage is above par for their cost.

McCabe's box is alright, but most people seem to think Wastrels are only really worthwhile with McCabe himself.  Probably not a high priority purchase unless you think Guild looks like an interesting faction, and you'd like that cross-over.

I personally love Yan Lo's box.  He is drastically off the ramp if you like to keep your undead and living separate, which normally I try to keep him with one or the other.  But his theme is really cool IMO, and Lightning Dance is hella funny.  The models are cool, and I love Toshiro (Which as Spiral mentioned will be highly suggested, very good to support much of crews), and he goes with Yan Lo's theme.

Mei Feng is solid, I haven't seen much of her.  But from what I've seen she looks like she likes to play with her friends more than 10T in general.  Which means robots, Constructs or the likes, Foundry type models.  I just recently got her, but have not played, though her models are 10T native, so they could be used with Misaki without worry, just perhaps not to full effect?  You could always bring Kang to hold a Foundry Upgrade.

Shenlong just got released, and he is the epitome of 10T.  Versatility and power, but might take some time to learn the subtleties.  However his kit does come with Sensei Yu, and many 10T only players will swear by his name in the Court of Law.  Extremely useful model, just don't make him a crutch for yourself please.  The rest of the kit is whatever, High River Monks like to punch and deal burning, combos with some of Shenlong's Tricks.  Shenlong and Sensei Yu are easily the coolest combo of Master/Henchman though, and with the Torakage from Misaki's kit you could easily make a strong force.

Brewmaster is annoying.  Like his job is full time to annoy your opponent, more than kill or anything else.  If you were thoroughly interested then by all means, but I would try to establish understanding how more traditional masters work, because Brewmaster is sort of a counter-intuitive Master, where you don't try to kill things exactly, but lock them down, and try to stop the opponent from doing exactly what they're trying to accomplish, so understanding the game helps in knowing what you want to shut down most.  Plus most of his kit is non-native to 10T, so you can only use them with him.

That's all the masters anyways.

Thunder Archers, Katanaka snipers and Samurai offer ranged support to various effect.  They all do it a little different, most people seem to prefer the Katanaka, though I have had great success with Archers.  I have yet to try the Samurai, but they are heavier hitters, slow and armored, plus once in combat they do very nasty damage, so their threat range is not diminished at close range.

There is a good number of good models that are currently not in plastics too, which is kind of sad.  Thunder Bros are awesome, so I can't wait for them to get a kit again, there are still quite a few available in metal from second hand sources though.  Tengu are on the way, as well as Komainu and the Lone Swordsman.

Uhh yeah.  There might be a bit more in depth things to look at if you pick another master you like, because Mei Feng, Yan Lo and Jacob Lynch can hire out of crew models, if those interest you.  But besides that, that's most everything.

Just depends on what style of play you are looking to get into, but I definitely recommend picking up at least one more Master's Crew, just so you can field more than one Master and offer some variety to play, while expanding on both.

And if you can pick up a Shenlong Crew with the Bonus Model sticker in a local shop, you'll get a free promo Katanaka sniper, which is a sweet deal in general, but offers even more selection in crew choices for just two crew boxes :D

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There might be a bit more in depth things to look at if you pick another master you like, because Mei Feng, Yan Lo and Jacob Lynch can hire out of crew models, if those interest you.  But besides that, that's most everything.

McCabe can bring along Black Sheep and Guardsmen (Guild Hounds, Guild Riflemen, Wardens, Austringers, Master Queeg, Dashel, Guild Guards and Guild Sergeants, although you'd probably only seriously consider the first 4 or 5 of those (Pathfinders are also Guardsmen but are dual-Faction)) out of Faction which adds some variety. Brewmaster can bring in Tri-Chi models with an upgrade, but they're a little thin on the ground at the moment (the Whiskey Golem is the only non-10T Tri-Chi not in his box).

As pointed out Misaki is mostly independent from her crew in comparison to every other Master, so you're mostly picking the crew to accomplish the VP's that you don't see Misaki getting for you, or to deny VP to your opponent.

I will also second Yamaziko as worthwhile for her, particularly as the bearer of Smoke and Shadows or Blot the Sky if you are focussing on the relevant model types.

For general 10T shenanigans, Toshiro can add summoning to any 10T crew, and the Dawn Serpent is an agile beatstick which also shoots well. Try proxying Snipers and Archers to see which works for you for sensible ranged support, and 10T Brothers and Tengu are good general dogsbodies/schemers but are not yet available in plastic. Sadly I'm yet to see Mr. Graves in action. I have fun with Samurai.

But mostly, as you suspect, it will come down to what works for you.

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Lots of other great advice here, but I justbhave to say - Sensei Yu has amazing synergy with her, and great utility as well. He borders on being an auto-include, amd fluff wise fits the theme as well for me.

This is the closest to an answer to your question. Misaki is so independent, that she prefers models that can do their job by themselves instead of models that support her or go with her specifically. Therefore Sensei Yu is an exception as he is so great, you will shizz golden eggs from joy. Actually, his awesomesauce abilities is something that every 10T master loves. Be careful not to get hooked on easy mode though ;)

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IF you wanna play her in theme I would go with Yamaziko, she is pretty versatily, a great carrier for smoke and shadows. If you play against a lot of wp based attack an oiran is fun for the theme too, profits from the upgrade on Yama, which with the 1 wp bubble willbe hit rarely against her wp.

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At first, I really liked the Torakage for her as Last Blossom minions, but recently I'm becoming more inclined to use Oiran instead, since they're cheaper and provide better passive benefits to the group.  However, this is also in light of me using "Stalking Bisento" with her more often though, since she generates so much offense on her own.  If I were playing "Disguised", then the Torakage help make up for some of the lack of offense that Misaki could otherwise bring.  Regardless, "+1 for Oiran" if you haven't picked them up yet. 

People have already mentioned Yamaziko, who is fits the list for both practical and fluff reasons (she was Misaki's teacher in her youth, according to the stories).  Even if you don't have to use "Smoke and Shadows", it's worth the 1 SS upgrade if you're bringing at least 2 Last Blossom minions. 

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I just picked up The Thunder box myself, so this thread is interesting to me too.

I picked up a blister of Ten Thunders Brothers, and I have the Dawn Serpent for use with Marcus. Yamaziko and Oiran will be my next purchases because I like the Last Blossom theme, and they can be used with Misaki as an Outcast Master (Outcast are my primary faction). If I need range in a Ten Thunders list I can always use some Convict Gunslingers or Trappers as mercenaries. Ama No Zako is in the mix too.

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I just picked up The Thunder box myself, so this thread is interesting to me too.

I picked up a blister of Ten Thunders Brothers, and I have the Dawn Serpent for use with Marcus. Yamaziko and Oiran will be my next purchases because I like the Last Blossom theme, and they can be used with Misaki as an Outcast Master (Outcast are my primary faction). If I need range in a Ten Thunders list I can always use some Convict Gunslingers or Trappers as mercenaries. Ama No Zako is in the mix too.

IMO, Katanaka Snipers are better than Trappers in 10T, since they cost the same after the Trappers' Merc tax. They have the exact same shooting attack, minus the reposition trigger, are hard to kill instead of armoured, and can absolutely wreck face in melee compared to a lot of "not really for melee" models. Reactivate if your master dies in LoS is a rather nice feature as well.

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Having a well rounded available set of models and being familiar with the schemes and missions will dictate a lot. As Misaki is my only master currently, I enjoy the Last Blossom theme as well as having some solid support with Katanaka Snipers and Yamaziko. Just off of the readings here, getting Sensei Yu is pretty shiney.

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I actually run Misaki a bit and have only recently been using Shang and found her surprisingly useful.

Rush of magic is bigger than I had anticipated (that and a stone per hand is 3 cards) and if you save Shang for a final action the heals are crucial for Misaki, at least as I run her.

I would also echo all the models above.

I ran her in the last tourney and won, the list I ran was;

Misaki (5 stones)




Katanaka Sniper

10T Archer

Lone Swordsman


2-10 T Brothers


I use Downburst in a similar way to how others use Sensei Yu.

She is very independent and encourages running of models that are similarly inclined.

As has been stated before she is a good master to run new models with to see how they function with no support.

**I rarely build around schemes/strats, I usually have a list/models I want to try and go from there. Seems to be the way of my meta actually**


all the best,



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Okay so first off, here's a link to my thoughts on 10-T Misaki; ;)



I think the assertion that Misaki runs independently to her crew is a myth. I mean sure, she mostly runs around on her own and can put out some great damage with her Stalking Bisento against anyone who gets close enough. But if you really want to get the most out of her, you want to be making maximum use of her Assasination Trigger. So while the crew might not always directly help her out directly (aside from the odd push/buff from models like Sensei Yu, Shang or the Shadow Effigy), using your crew to empty your opponent's hand improves Misaki's killing power immensely. 

I go into more detail in the link above, but basically anything that has either a discard effect or encourages your opponent to cheat early and often is great for Misaki. Shooting from models like the Sniper and Samurai is particularly handy, since it lets you put pressure on your opponents hand from turn 1. 


With that in mind, the models I'd recommend for Misaki are;

Sensei Yu: Great for scheme running, pushing and healing (with Low River Style), plus Disciple lets him hand out the Stalked condition without wasting Misaki's (0) AP.

Shadow Effigy: Cheap, durable minion, has some scheme running tricks (if I remember to take another Minion!) and can give Misaki some early protection with it's (0) action. 

Lust: She's got alot of great discard and card draw effects that Misaki loves, plus her ability to push models around is invaluble. 

Samurai: Long ranged shooting with the potential to just annihilate multiple cheap models from a distance. Not taking Jigoku might be dangerous, but it does encourage your opponent to cheat the defense duel. Just make sure you're got someone nearby to heal him. ;) I consider this guy almost an auto-include for Reconnoiter. 

Tannen: Cooler forces discards whenever your opponent cheats, just make sure you take him in a strategy where your opponent isn't likely to spread out! 


There's a bunch of others that are just plain good (10-T Brother, Sniper, Tengu etc), but the above are models that I think synergise particularly well with Misaki.


One more thing - the potential for discard-type synergy seems much less prevalent in the Outcast Faction, so playing her as a truely independent model is probably the best way to treat her when you take her as an Outcast. I certainly know I had great success burning through her Soulstones, Oathkeeper and Scout the field to evaporate my opponents crew!

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I've heard some good things on her discard trigger (pod cast and Paint it Pink's blog - good read there!), but like learning to remember all the little nooks and crannys of a new model, changing style is (for me) often tough to do. I think I'll give it another attempt and just write in marker all over my hand "discard trigger". Hope that my opponent doesn't notice :P

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