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2016 Showdown Series


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I've been working with Dan from TTN this week to get the 2016 series dates and format locked in nice and early.

One of the things I was thinking about doing was making them into a story driven series of events but Dan is concerned that those won't draw any folks, which of course makes it pointless putting them on.

So the question is, would you come if we did something other than yet another standard type of event or would you rather spend your passes on straight up GG2015 style gaming?

All comments welcome


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My fear is although fun, story encounters rarely get the numbers of attendees as a standard tournie. Tbh I don't know why this is, I assume it's the old lure of rankings perhaps? (I know that would have been true for me end or last beginning or this year,  however not so much now)

Myself, I would love to support this, but with limited passes next year and reliance on others who drive (really need to sort that out) will prob hampen my attendance!

So in short, I would like to see story encounters but I genuinely can't see it getting the numbers (such a naysayer I know)

As always a big thumbs up for putting your own time into developing the hobby Mike!


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I think that keeping the quarterly showdown as GG format tournies is a good idea. Add in my Lost Love (Feb 7th) and Gunsmith tournies as fixed Master and that leaves room for at least a couple of story encounters, or even something different like henchman hardcore. I'm happy to run a third event at Wayland if that helps, story encounters are fun.

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I'd rather spend my passes on GG format tournaments.

Story encounters are great, but to play casually with my friends. With 'Tournaments' I am not looking for new, interesting ways to play the game of Malifaux, I am looking to play players from different scenes/metas and see other ways people play the game of Malifaux. The game of Malifaux at a tournament needs to be standardised so that all players have an equal opportunity to play, have fun, and maybe squeak a win or two. 


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