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Ulix - I don't get it


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So I've started playing the odd games with Ulix and I'm just not getting it.  He seems to have some interesting tricks, but I can't seem to weave it together into a coherent plan.  As a result the games mostly end up with Ulix and his pork splattering against the enemy crew and achieving not a lot before Ulix himself is murdered.  I went digging to find a battle report of Ulix, but all I could get is a video with Ulix being plucked from his ball in turn 1, murdered turn 2, and the player conceding in turn 3.  (so, not helpful)

According to most stuff I read he's "amazing" and I want to believe.  So help me out here.  Can anyone recommend ways to play (or NOT to play) the mighty Pigherd?

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Here are my notes on Ulix: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/103202-how-i-play-ulix-not-quite-a-tactica/

He's got some great tricks with Shot in the Rear. (Especially with the Sow). This can take out a lot of models at once.

He's amazing at eating enemy Scheme Markers and laying down his own.

He can Summon to get plenty of Piglets and a few extra huge War pigs.

I haven't had much success with Wild Boars myself -- I generally go with Gracie, Old Major, and Piglets.

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When I run Ulix, I summon a warpig +1-2 piglets a turn. My opponents spend most of the game fighting stuff I never even paid for and cursing my unkillable piglets.

The game scores are usually LOW, but with corn husks and piglets, I'm pretty good at denying schemes. Ulix never moves, but that's ok. People really can't get to him because they are more concerned with my 1 warpig a turn. In the first game I played with him, I turned Misaki into a glorified scheme runner. I had another player spend a whole game with Hannah just burying my warpigs and even mauled ironsides pretty good, though Merris helped with that.

I personally haven't tried the pigball yet, but I get angry, angry looks with the farm set up.

One of the best things I've found is that most of Old Major's stuff is either limitless range or LoS so I keep him in the back and just use him for birthin (gross) Since he has such high wounds. And if anyone gets close, he's not above getting in there and doing some damage himself.

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This is a topic of great interest to me. I am going to get Ulix when it comes out, so I've started playing some henchman games with Old Major and piglets (im using gracie as a proxy for it).

In theory Ulix can be quite mobile and tough as long as he's surrounded by pigs, but what you're saying is that he is best played as a (mean) summon machine.

So one should consider Ulix as a support master then?

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Ulix plays a little sideways compared to your average greenskin, so don't get too frustrated just yet.

I'll second the goal of summoning Warpig/2 Piglets a turn. It can be very demoralizing for your opponent. I know for me the image of the 'pig ball' led me a little astray. You may want to think of it as more of a wall of pork that Ulix puts between himself and the opponent's nasties from which he plays quarterback.

I find he is more dependent on AP sequencing and bubbles than, say, Ophelia. The order of operations and positioning to prevent getting bottlenecked was/is my biggest hurdle.

Basic turn sequence for is something like this:

Piglets drop markers, move, drop markers again due to corn husks --> Ulix summons war pig and piglets if he has the cards.

Once you get a sufficient amount of bacon piled up, you can start shooting your forward line into the masses with the hunting bow or send them off to run their respective scheme shenanigans.

Rinse, repeat as desired.

Slop hauler(s) can hang back to keep heal up the piggies before they are sent into the fray, or can debuff the random brazen model that decides to charge the line.

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Oh man, yeah, I have to be REALLY careful with activation order. I tend to keep Ulix stationary and don't hire piglets up front. (But I like that idea)


i keep my group huddled around a pigapult. (My initial thought was I was going to be a main dmg source) but I have noticed I use it more for distributing summoned piglets anywhere they are needed.

i use old major and trixiebelle to put the summoned warpigs in charging range with the suit I want and keep models away from my farm. 

I bring Merris for blast protection (since I'm grouped) initial scheme placement for warpig summoning and general late game scheme running. I find Merris to be an amazing model in general 

old cranky helps with extra wp and df flips in my clump and card draw (which Ulix is SUPER card intensive) and IF pigapult kills something, I get a free stone out of it.

and naturally a slop hauler

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Merris goes really well with the pigapult if you can ensure that the enemy won't attack with the next action. With 3 cards on top, you can ensure moderate or severe damage w a stuffed piglet shot at a lower df beater. 2x cards for the focus and a straight dmg flip for the most part. Accidentally posted to hateful db's old post

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