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M2E Tournament @ PFC Games in Edmonds, WA Nov 28th


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M2E Tournament

Saturday, November 28th 2015 @ PFC Games

7528 Olympic View Dive Suite #106, Edmonds, WA 98026

(425) 670-0550




This event will follow the guidelines in Gaining Grounds 2015, with the following exceptions;

Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules

Proxies are allowed as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they stand for. Wyrd models may only be used to represent what they are, unless they are converted. Please check in advance with the organizer for suitability.

Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. If using a model that was converted with pre-made bits, only 30% of the model may be built from other game companies’ models, while the rest has to be self-sculpted or Wyrd bits.

Models must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base. The minimum painting requirement is undercoat. However, there will be a prize for the best painted model (see below).


Noon                                      Registration

12:30                                     Tournament Begins

The tournament will consist of three 90 minute rounds. 


Crew Construction

35 SS Fixed Crew

Prior to the start of the Tournament, each player will submit a crew list they will use for the every match.


$3 entry fee (waived for PFC members).


Prizes will be determined by number of participants and awarded for:

·         Top General (Winner of the tournament)

·         Best Sportsmanship (voted by participants)

·         Best Painted Army (voted by participants)


Strategies and deployment have been predetermined. For Corner and Flank deployments players will deploy in the left hand corner when facing the table.

·         Round 1 – Extraction, Standard Deployment

·         Round 2 – Reconnoiter, Corner Deployment

·         Round 3 – Headhunter, Flank Deployment

All players will use the same scheme pool, which will be announced at the start of each round. 


Terrain will be placed in advance by the TO and may not be moved by the players.  Please be sure to clarify any terrain questions with the TO before the match begins.

For encounter purposes (e.g. Plant Evidence) all terrain on a base is considered a single piece of terrain even if it is broken into multiple parts for LoS and/or cover purposes.

·         Buildings, Flat Roof: Ht is roof in inches (round down), Enclosed, Climbable, Blocking, Hard Cover.

·         Buildings, Sloped Roof: Ht is highest point in inches (round down), Impassable, Blocking, Hard Cover.

·         Forested Area Terrain: Ht 2, Sever, Dense, Soft Cover.

·         Lava: Ht 0, Sever, Hazardous and gives Burning +2.

·         Linear Obstacles, Hard (low stone walls 1” or less high/across): Ht 1, Climbable, Blocking, Hard Cover. For ease of play, it costs 1” of extra movement to cross these obstacles.

·         Linear Obstacles, Soft (fences and hedges 1” or less high/across): Ht 1, Climbable, Blocking, Soft Cover. For ease of play, it costs 1” of extra movement to cross these obstacles.

·         Ruined Walls: Ht is highest point in inches (round down), Climbable, Blocking, Hard Cover. Use the complex terrain guidelines so each section of wall is considered a separate piece of terrain for cover purposes only.  Define the wall by where the base of the wall touches the ground, not the base the wall is mounted on.

·         Trees: Ht 5, Impassable, Blocking, Hard Cover.

·         Water Features (Rivers, Lakes): Ht 0, Severe.




Rumor was he discovered something valuable during his last excavation, something that anyone would kill for. It's our job to make sure we're the only ones who hear what he has to say.

Set up: Place an Informant Marker at the Center of the table.


Special Rules: At the end of every Turn after the first, after scoring VP, the player with the most non-Peon models within 6" of the Informant Marker may place the Marker up to 3" from its current location, not into terrain or base contact with a model.


Victory Points: At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has two or more non-Peon within 6" of the Informant Marker.


"Maybe this time they'll believe me when I say I killed 5 men" he muttered to himself as he cut off the next fellow's scalp. It was gruesome work, but this time he was going to get paid.

Special Rules: Whenever a model kills or sacrifices a non-Peon model which it considers an enemy, the model which made the kill must place a 30mm Head Marker within 3" and LoS of the killed or sacrificed model before removing it from play. This Marker may not be placed in base contact with any model; if there is nowhere it can legally be placed, then skip placing a Marker. Any model in base contact with a Head Marker may make a (1) Interact Action with it to remove it from play.


Victory Points: At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it removed at least one Head Marker from play that turn.


Lady Justice felt the individual bullets in the cylinder of her Peacekeeper, touching each to be sure it was fully loaded. She whispered to her Marshals, "Fan out for a tomb sweep. Keep eyes on the man to your left and right. If you see Seamus, shoot to kill."

Setup: Divide the table into four 18" x 18" table Quarters.

Victory Points: At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it controls two or more table Quarters. To control a table quarter, the Crew must have the most non-Peon models within the table Quarter.

These models cannot be within 6" of the Center of the table, or partially within another table Quarter.

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