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Rustle, rustle, and snickity snack
The Carver strikes once and then strikes back.
Slice, dice, and guts a-twist,
You can't stop The Carver with kick or fist.
Tremble, quiver, and try to hide, 
The Carver finds you, escape denied.
Rustle, rustle, and snickity snack,
When the Carver finds you, it's hack, hack, hack!

The Carver strikes again! Join up to fight back or simply try to survive, as the monstrosity known as The Carver once more stalks the streets.

You and your gang of misfits have captured a mercenary, wanted by the Guild. However, when you start talking with the mercenary, he soon mentions a horror that is tracking him down; The Carver.

This game is a one-shot Penny Dreadful game, called Night Of The carver, and will be held at Vitalitetssenteret in Bergen.
Time: 14th of November, 17.00 and onwards until the game is over, or the center closes.

Can YOU survive a night confronted by The Carver? 


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