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I'm assembling Neverborn crew from the starter set, and I was wondering how to stick them on their bases. I'm getting resin inserts for their bases so plastic cement isn't an option. The Scion of Black Blood has feet flat resting so should be fine with a drop of superglue. Angel Eyes has kinda of plastic pegs already built in the plastic under her feet, so I'll try to drill matching holes in the base and she should be good. What about the bloodwretches? They'r on tip toe, so contact surface is a bit scarce. I was wondering if pinning them (just because I've never regret having pinned something) but the angle is a bit tricky. I don't know if just superglue under their toes will suffice.
Opinions, suggestions, experience from these models, everything will be appreciated.

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Pinning is always good, consider using some debris to cover up the pin if the angle is awkward. You can also glue a bit of sprue to the feet using plastic cement and use it as a pin, or even better, leave a piece of sprue on the feet if possible. I always pin using brass rod, and have not been unable to pin a single Wyrd miniature so far (though are more work than others!)...

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Check out the above link....specifically the part about basing.

Specifically the part where he says:

Take an off-cut piece of sprue, or a small piece of plastic card and carve out a space for it to fit in your base. You can then use your super glue to glue that piece into your base. You can then use your plastic cement to glue the model to that piece of plastic.

which is actually a kind of cool idea, certainly serviceable.  Might require a little work getting the 'cut away' portion on the Resin base to look like the piece you're trying to glue in the hole you made?

I prefer pinning all the things personally.  I don't know the gage off hand, but I have not found anything I could not pin with the wire I use.  If you have any models handy, the size is exactly the same as Yan Lo's staff is thick, or the thickness of the Umbrellas the Belles are holding.

Beyond that, most of the plastics Wyrd make go together well enough to not need pinning, just gap smoothing/sanding to keep the nice surfaces.

But basing, certainly I pin all of them, unless they are so wide at the bottom it is obvious there is no issue (Yamaziko is certainly touching nearly all of her base).

Btw, if I'm ever pinning something I'm not certain about the depth or angel and I want to keep the pin vice exactly where I want it, I just take a hobby knife and with the very tip of the blade poke the model where I intend to enter, and twist around once or twice to make a shallow pilot hole.  Then the pin vice always digs in exactly where I am looking to go in, and it's just a matter of steady hands and correct angles.

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Thanks everyone for replies. I knew the trick about making a small plastic peg and fitting it into the base, but honestly, I do not trust plastic glue to such point. I believe I'll go for pins, then. About "you can pin everything", well... maybe it's true, but sure you cannot pin everything without showing the pin. The Illuminated with the "thing" looming on its back is a good example. I had to put it against a "step" to mask the pin.

This said, sure I can live with a model with a pin partially showing behind a feet on tip toe. I own lots of flying models resting on not-transparent rods, and this would be way less noticeable :)

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Also, what I usually do is take one of the round pieces off of the sprue (like the pieces that stick out perpendicular to the model to allow them to be stacked) and drill a hole in the base to fit it.....if you check out all of the 10T stuff in the last few pages of my painting thread (link in my signature) they were all done that way.....didn't require anything to hide it as the 'pins' fit completely under the foot so you can't see them.

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