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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!

It would be really cool if Wyrd created a Sample Character Turn document as an example of what full turns could look like. Like 2 Characters and 2 Spirit Animals playing and the order of resolving successes, failures, as well as, when the sun hits an icon and triggers an event in-between character turns. Lots to remember! Still play testing and hope to introduce to my gaming group soon!

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I finally managed to grab a copy of the game and I am pretty excited. Yesterday we took it for a spin, and yes, it was hard. But with a little practice managable - we like challenges.

Anyway, we ran into a situation near the end of the game and we are not sure, if we solved it right. 

Lupe was the chosen one to run down the snake's belly and retrieve the sun. We were rather late (second to last rumor), so naturally we were in a hurry. At one point Lupe had to stop and trigger an event while in the snake's belly. We know that we could have stopped before the trigger icon, but as said - time was running out. And up came the event that causes the sun to move one space for every corruption token on Tallil. 10 spaces later (ahem) the sun stops on an icon, that would trigger yet another event.

And that's the question for us now. Usually the icons trigger when the movement of either the sun or a warrior ends on it. When warriors are moved by solving challenges and ending up on an icon, it is not triggered. What is it with the sun? Does only the rattles on the dice count as its own movement, so it triggers the events? Or does any sun movement that occurs and let the sun end on an icon, trigger it? I would assume only the former movement triggers the icons. Am I right here?

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