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Gremlins vs Armour and Incorporeal


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I'm also a newbie to the Gremlins as well. But remember that Incorporeal only halves damages from Sh and Ml attacks; anything with a Ca attack (such as Wong himself and the Lightning Bugs) will deal normal damage.


re: anything with armour and hard to kill, well, insure there are far more experienced people who could comment there.

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And if I were running Somer or Ophelia what would you recommend?

Punches in bunches is my standard gremlin answer (for the non-elites anyway) to Armor and Incorporeal. Even the hardiest tank will fall to a fusillade of enough Bayou Gremlins or cavalcade of Pigs. This also has the added advantage of opening the margin of success window a bit, as you no longer need to really be concerned with hitting well, just hitting in general (and ties succeed).

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