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Roll 20 Character Sheet Help


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I've used roll 20 a lot for DnD 4 &5, Dark Hersey and used their card system with savage worlds though this was before/right when character sheets were first introduced. 

That said I don't have a mentor account and would very much doubt my abilities for much of the work.

However I can already see some difficult issues unless things have changed since I last looked. Biggest issue is going to be card flips with plus and minus flips as I just don't know if their card system will support automating this. As far as I know the cards expect to be manually flipped outside of initiative. The addition of player fate decks will further complicate things. I also remember some issues with custom decks. I'm guessing tables of some kind to deal with this but that runs into issues with duplicates.

Next big thing will be magic with the mix and match nature of the thing. It's going to be tough to get all that to work properly without importing that whole section of the book or requiring a lot of manual entry every time someone pushes the spell button. 

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Just doing a little digging into this and I don't think they can currently support what you want it to do. Currently there's no way to really interact with decks besides manually as what I can find in the API says: 

//Note at this time you can't use the API to "draw", "deal", or "shuffle" cards from the Deck. We're working on helper functions to enable this functionality.

 Meaning theres going to be no way to automate flips. 

However I think using rollable tables its almost possible. A whole deck can be listed, it takes modifiers, handles multiple flips and can be rolled from character sheets and macros, with some slight wackyness with the suits. Only issue is with getting rolled cards out of the table. Sounds like theres ways to do it with their API and re-input them when its time to shuffle but that will only work for GM's who pay for that service, for free users the tables wouldn't update properly. 

So currently doesn't look like theres really a way to get a functioning sheet up there. If you guys can contact them and get them to make some updates to either rollable tables or their card system then it should be pretty simple to get a functioning sheet for anyone with CSS knowledge. My guess is they'll work with you if Wyrd is willing to put some ready to go modules up on their store. 

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