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UK [H] M2E Models (some NIB) [w] Paypal!

Absolution Black

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OK, so got a lot of M2E plastics to sell as they just aren't doing it for me anymore.  I am Uk based so would prefer UK buyers but I will ship overseas if the buyer is willing to contribute a bit extra to the postage costs.

All items are as described.  All come with relevant cards/bases etc unless described otherwise.  All cost include Postage!

PM me if interested.


NIB Crew Boxes

The Dreamer        £22  SOLD

Molly       £22   SOLD

The Brewmaster     £22  UNDER OFFER

Hamelin     £22   SOLD

Ulix          £25   SOLD


NIB Models

Essence of Power    £4   UNDER OFFER

Burt Jebsen        £5 

Gracie       £6    UNDER OFFER

Merris LaCroix (in bag rather than box)   £5  SOLD

Pigapult    £12      SOLD

Piglets (3)    £7   SOLD

Slop Haulers (2)   £7   SOLD

Special Edition Bayou Gremlin (in Bag)   £10  

Executioners (2)  £9   UNDER OFFER

Primordial Magic   £4 SOLD

Terror Tots (3)     £8

Killjoy      £8    SOLD


Built Crews

Lilith (Lilith, Barbaros, Cherub, 3 x Terror Tots)  Based on scenic   £20.   SOLD

Som'er (Som'er, Lenny 2 x Skeeters, 4 x Bayou Gremlins).  Somer and 4 Gremlins based on regular bases. One Gremlin has  tip of gun broken but I have the part. Skeeters and Lenny not attached to bases.    £20    

Ophelia (Ophelia, Rami, Raphael, Francois, Pere Ravage, 3 x Young LaCroix)  All unbased. Ophelias hat needs attaching, as does last part of rami's gun.    £20  UNDER OFFER


Built Models

Hog whisperer & Piglet (Unbased)      £6  UNDER OFFER

Hog Whisperer & Piglet (unbased.  Whisperer needs Hat attaching)  £6

Mature Nephilim  (based on scenic)    £6. SOLD

Mr Graves  (based on regular base)   £5

3 x Waldgeist (painted and Based on scenic)   £9.    SOLD

2 x Young Nephilim (based on scenic)   £6. SOLD

2 x Young Nephilim  (unbased)   £6   UNDER OFFER

Madame Sybelle  (unbased)   £4   SOLD

3 x Rotten Belles (unbased)  £9    SOLD






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