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25 pt SL Campaign


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We're starting a 4 week SL Campaign tonight.  25 Script for the initial crew.  No masters allowed in campaign (even at the half way point).

I'm thinking

Hungering Darkness (leader)

Ama No Zako



I'll probably be facing Miranda, Nikima and Sible as the other leaders.  Anyone have any input?  I have most of the TT models to chose from.

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Yin is a very solid model, though she is rather slow compared to other two, LOVELY <3, ones. I would suggest a Samurai with a (0) upgrade to give you cover from afar. He would probably eat a lot of nasty Wp duels, though :)  (I like having a mix of speedy and shooty guys in my 10T :D). Still, a Katanaka Sniper or an Illuminated instead are other viable options. Aside from this you are on the right track, in low points it's easier to go for elite models. Actually, scratch that, play the way you feel most comfortable, this brings the best results ;) Against Miranda you need to force her to Shapeshift before she wants it, then endure the assault of the Sabertooth that pops out. Nekima is really, really dangerous and is very hard to counter. Try to hurt her from afar and/or keep your models away so that she has to get close and then strike her, hard. For Sybelle I can't say anything specific, look more at her crew and try to make it fall apart, try to put her into an disadvantageous postion. For our 10T positioning and tactics are very important :)

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Thanks.  The crew seems decent.  I'm mostly taking Ama and Yin because I never play them, though I hear they are fantastic.  So I'll be forced to figure them out over the next four months.  Sniper or Dawn Serpent will probably be my next purchase.  Samurai would be good as well since I never take them and need to learn them.

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 Ama no Zako is simply amazing in a tandem with either Huggy (<3) or Dawn Serpy: They are fast, hit rather hard, have decent survivability... My starting campaign list before we stopped was actually Huggy, Ama, Serpy and a Samurai with a (0) upgrade (didn't want to pay 2 scrip later for a (0) coster :D). It actually felt quite OP against most stuff so I though I would dial the heat down and play the other type of "fun" models for the second round (we were supposed to restart the campaign with more people).
 I only recently got Yin specifically for Brewmaster and haven't tried her yet (actually haven't gotten around to picking him up him, either), so I can't give you many pointers for her. From what I have seen she is a great tarpit and very helpful if you use a lot of Ca/vs Wp attacks. The Samurai for me is a mix of Izamu + Fuhatsu in a cheaper shell - sure, somewhat limited in comparison, but customizable and more versatile. Anyway, have fun!

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