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Starting brewmaster??


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A lot of people swear by Performers. They're an arcanist model, but they're mercenaries so you can take one or two. It's because they have a trigger that removes poison from a model but deals all the damage it would have dealt in one go (i.e. if they have poison +5 they take 5 damage). Never used 'em with Brewie myself, but it's something to look at.

Another one that people really like is Trixiebelle. She's generally considered to be a fantastic pick anyway, but because most of Brewmaster's tactics involve making sure he gets his (0) Drinking Contest action off as soon as possible, people like to take her because she lets you cheat your initiative flip. She comes in Mah Tucket's crew box which is coming out near the end of this month.

Lenny is also a good choice, especially if you're clumped up. He has an aura that reduces friendly damage taken by 1, and since he's immune to conditions can heal himself up using Brewmaster's On the House action without suffering from poison. He comes in Som'er's box.

Otherwise, typical Gremlin models are good - bayou gremlins still make good scheme runners and cheap shooters, slop haulers are great for healing and aren't too bad at fighting. And since you'll be clumped up with enemies often, :meleeattacks are often the way to go, so models like Burt Jebsen, Gracie, piglets and Francois LaCroix are also nice picks.

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