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Kirai questions new player


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Hi. I just started with Kirai after glueing some new spirit models together. Just wanted to check a few things before my next game.

Without upgrades Kirai has no :melee range and with her Ca :ranged she cannot do any damage while engaged by another model. Other (tactical?) actions as still feasible though.

I just realized that Manipulative is likely activated on any action an enemy model takes to attack Kirai, this contrary to Terrifying/Horror checks.

Thx. for shedding some further light on this.

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If she is engaged, she can't do a :ranged action. But she can happily do other actions. (She also can't charge, and she is only allowed to do interact actions that target an enemy model).


Manipulative applies to every action targetting her whilst it is up, passing one doesn't mean they automatically pass the rest. 

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I recommend keeping her away from enemies or buying bloody shears if you do not think you can.

Also remember that Seishin may be placed in base contact with your leader when there activation begins and are HT 2, this might not sound like much but it saved me from Taylor getting disengaging strikes when I walked away as there was enough room to put 2 between us forming a wall making me no longer engaged. 

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