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Victoria's - crew composition


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For what sort of game?

Are you trying to make an all comes Viks list? (Generally not a good idea in the long run) or working out what you might want to buy to make a Viks Crew (And for this I'd suggest you play the crew box and work out what you feel it is missing. How you play the game makes a big difference to what you want to add). 

This game is not designed for fixed lists. It is designed to create your list after you know what you are trying to achieve.Sometimes that means the best option is for you to use lots of models, sometimes you want to use only a few. 

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You might create kind of all-rounder list (although it is not recommended) which would cope well in almost all strategy and schemes.

If I were to create this kind of list I would go for this:

Viktoria Of Ashes -- 5ss pool
+Sisters In Fury
+Sisters In Spirit
+Synchronized Slaying

Malifaux Child
Freikorps Librarian
Freikorps Trapper
Johan (Oathkeeper)
Viktoria Of Blood (Oathkeeper, Mark of Shez'uu)
Void Wretch/Winged Plague
Void Wretch/Winged Plague

You have a melee punch, fire support (including Ca based atttacks), healing, condition removal and scheme running.

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Daniello, in your crew I'd be sorely tempted to remove the Librarian and pick up Lazarus for the Command Construct explosiveness.  Do you feel you need the extra healing or Ca attacks from the Librarian?

While the game isn't really made for fixed crew lists, I find I settle on the following Viktoria crew for nearly every situation.  Granted, the goal of the crew is "kill all the things to stop them from scoring, and score your objectives as AP permits."

  • Viktoria of Ashes - Synchronized Slaying, Sisters in Spirit
  • Viktoria of Blood - Sisters in Fury, Mark of Shez'uul
  • Student of Conflict
  • Hannah - I Pay Better
  • Freikorps Librarian
  • Freikorps Trapper
  • Johan
  • Ronin

I use Hannah as a force multiplier and zone control.  With her Make a New Entry ability, she can copy the Librarian's attack or heal actions, Johan's condition removal, or Blood's Sisters in Fury.  Because of the way Sisters in Fury is worded, Hannah does benefit from the +2 melee damage, pushing her to a terrifying 4/6b/8bb attached to a 3" melee range.  Add in being able to Focus for the cost of a card and she can apply that Severe as needed.

In that crew, the Viks themselves often become my scheme runners after carving a hole through my opponent's crew.

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The problem with putting Sisters of Fury on Pokey and cast it via Hannah is that you need to keep Hannah close to Pokey and after the sling shot there is a little chanve of casting it when it is needed. Also if you loose Pokey (which could happen easily) you are loosing your punch a lot.

Other than that Hannah with this damage track is a scary view indeed.

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No question about that.  Once Pokey is out of range or dead, Hannah isn't casting that one.  It also requires Hannah to activate before Blood.  I'm typically ok with that, though.  The Viks don't need Sisters in Fury; it's just amazingly delicious icing on the pain cake.  I am ok playing 2ss down if I lose Pokey early for all the times SiF has paid off.

When I'm playing zone control with the Viks then they'll be nearby enough for Hannah and generally in counter-charge positions.  If I am aiming for a long-range missile, then she's far back enough to copy the ability.  I particularly enjoy it for late Turn 1 missiles where my opponent pushed a little too far out of their deployment zone with a few things, thinking the small group is safe.  In times like that, every hit really matters because you need to remove enough to make the sacrifice worthwhile.

As with all things in Malifaux, personal preference, playstyle, and opportunity all matter.  There have been games where I was never in position to copy Sisters in Fury and Blood really needed to activate first and have all three of her attacks, so the ability just never came up.  But hey, outside of the Vik Missile I never really make huge use out of Synchronized Slaying either. :D

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