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Shadow Emissary and Misaki

Rurouni Benshin

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Yes, it does work that way. In a game last night against McCabe I managed to use 8 AP to kill 5 models (including dismounted McCabe) in a single activation. It was turf war, so folks were clustered, I had Shadow Emissary in the center, and basically just ping-ponged through his team. Killing two traps with a blast gave me enough for the final charge to kill McCabe. The best part is I discarded Recalled Training at the start of the activation to get :+fate on every single flip (attack and damage). It was glorious! But I felt kind of dirty for abusing something so broken.

I call this technique "the Misaki Bomb"

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To be honest, it's the right decision on their part.  On a side note, I did get to play Misaki before the errata came out.  I did manage to kill 2 enemies in a single activation, but it wasn't the game changer that I thought it would have been.  It did allow me to accomplish one scheme easier though.  Aside from that, it was pretty good.

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