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Seamus - Tactica? Or new (resser) player advice


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Okay, I can't seem to find a tactica on Seamus and aside from a few posts about taking Hanged and Yin with him, I can't see much else. 

Having played a game with Ressers the other day (nico, lent by a chum) I think i'm going to enjoy a switch from Neverborn. I have shortly arriving Hanged, Yin, Izamu and Seamus set. What else do I want? Why?

What is Seamus good at? What is he not so good at?

Thanks for any tips, advices and pointers in general in advance. 

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i've been meaning to listen to that Podcast...thanks for the reminder. I have trawled the forum here a bit but it seems that Seamus himself is lacking a lot of depth to his comments. I'm not suggesting he lacks it himself. I'm really looking forward to a different challenge than Neverborn though as i've only played them for the last 12 months. Time for something.....deader.

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