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Krampus-Faux - Miniature Market on Dec 5th [STL, MO]


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Ahoy Midwest Malifans!

On December 5th, Miniature Market is hosting a festive holiday themed event!  As always, we'll have a free pizza lunch included, a prize raffle, and Painting Contest.  Details will be forthcoming, but for now this is a heads-up!  It will be one part story event, 2 parts standard gaining grounds rules, and only one this is for sure:  the Krampus is watching!  

9610 Continental Industrial Dr.
St Louis, MO 63123
(877) 326-4429

Type: 50ss, fixed faction.  Gaining Grounds 2015* rules to apply 
Time: 105 minute rounds, 3 rounds
Entry:  $5 (receive 2x Raffle Tickets**)

10 - 10:20 = Registration 
10:30 = cards flip 
5:00 = Awards

**Pre-registering with Miniature Market earns you (1) bonus Raffle Ticket.  Pre-register by calling Miniature Market at the above number.


Round 1:  Guard the Stash / Corner Deployment

Round 2:  Interference / Flank Deployment

Round 3:  Headhunter / Close Deployment

Schemes will be revealed at the event! 


Up for grabs are... (as of 11/18)

Wyrd themselves are pitching in to support Krampus-Faux!  I can only wait to see what they will send our way for you to win!  Not to mention all this other great stuff:

3x Miniature Market gift certificates

2x Mats by Mars gift certificates 

A Ruins n' Rubble terrain Big Box from Angry Mojo Games

A "Faith in a Foxhole" scatter terrain pack from Angry Mojo Games

And if we reach 12 players or more, one MBM certificate will become a free mat, and we'll add a Nightmare Whiskey Golem as well!

Hope to see you there!

*link to the gaining ground rules:

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Prizes update!
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Great guys!  I'm not sure if you're in the Midwest Malifaux facebook group, but as i mentioned there - Adding to the raffle pool will be a core rulebook for any new player with 10 or less games under their belts.  This will be an event for all experience levels :)


Glad you'll make it!

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Thanks to the gents over at Angry Mojo Games (www.angrymojogames.com) for becoming official sponsors of Krampus-faux ! 

They join Miniature Market (www.miniaturemarket.com) and Mats by Mars (www.matsbymars.com) in ensuring this holiday event is full of prizes! 

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So... I am confused.  The post has been edited a number of times but I had, for some reason, thought it said all prizes were going to be randomly given out.  Nothing is currently listed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, etc... I had a strange notion that there were no place prizes and that all the prizes were given out randomly and so I was planning to bring just a fun list to play with.  Then I actually communicated that thought aloud to some friends at lunch and that didn't sound right.

Can you confirm if there are placeholder prizes as well as raffles for the rest OR is it ALL raffle-drawn prize support.



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Great question noob!


You had it right the first  time:  All prizes will be raffle drawn.   That said, first, second,  and third place will get something to hang on their wall to commemorate their triumph over the Krampus! 


The outlier to this is the paint prize.   The best painted model gets a certificate and miniature market gift certificate.   As a reminder,  best painted model submissions must be models played with during the tournament. 


Great question.   Hope that clears things up! 

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Only 2 models left to paint....or I may just skip em and throw random mercs in there so that I don't have to paint anymore.  haha so many raffle prizes!

Yeah.... I think I may just bring a fun list.  I haven't played in a couple months so it'll be interesting to see how bad my opponents stomp me! :P-_-
#fallout4 #battlefront

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