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Information on the Honeypot Casino.


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Hi there. Planning to have my players visit this iconic place in Malifaux. Thing is... it's odd but I cant find any info on it in either the Fated or the Fatemaster's book. Maybe there is something and i've missed it.

I know the general background from the M2E books. That Lynch won the casino and he had loats of debts so he ended up working for the Ten Thunders who are covering his debts. We all know what's in the basement and more or less what's going on (Huggy, the brilliance, etc).

Does anyone have an idea of where is it located? I thought it would be somewhere in The Little Kingdom given the Ten Thunders have expressed interest in it, but I've only read about the Qi and the Gong in there. So... could it be somewhere in the slums? Downtown seems unlikely.

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