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Neverborn by Gabbi


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Ok, as pledged for October, I almost completed painting my Neverborn (mostly Dark Debts).
Let's start with Dark Debts:





Comments and criticism will be more than welcome.

For more (and bigger) pics: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/malifaux-neverborn-dark-debts/


A side note: it seems I'm unable to upload images, even a single one of smaller size than the 0.24Mb apparently set as maximum.

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I'm a very poorly organized person, and I experiment a lot while painting, following what the mood suggests, so I'm afraid I don't have a recipe for Mr. Graves shirt. I believe I used Valejo "Sky Grey" from Model Color line, to shade it, but not 100% sure. The purple-sih hue could be Citadel "Druchi Violet" ink, as I used it a lot for this crew (but honestly, I don't remember to having voluntarily added it). Sorry to not be able to help more -_-;

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A quick paintjob for a couple of models I've painted to be used as proxies.



First one is a Mantic Ghoul I'm using as a *temporary* proxy for a Depleted. I'll get soon the proper models.



Then I've painted a Reaper Bones Dryad to be used as a Waldgeist.
No particular interest in Waldgeist, as I don't think it will be of any use in Jakob's crew (especially cos I'd have to leave out a model with Brilliance synergy), but I already had the model from a Bones Kickstarter, and it looked to nicely fit the role :)

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Uhm... as said before, I'm not a very organized painter, and I mix paints on the whim of a moment :)

Anyway, I have still on the table these pots: Vallejo 70905 "Blue Grey Pale", Vallejo 70989 "Sky Grey", Reaper MSP 09061 "Linen White", plus a couple of pure whites (Army Painter and GW). I'm pretty sure I've used almost all of the above, but looking at the model I would say I've mainly used Vallejo Sky Grey, as its hue is quite characteristic, probably washed with the darker Blue Grey. Sorry for not being able to help more ^^;

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I've just comp'leted another model (that everyone says me it's a great tool to have).


Very quick paintjob, as usual, I have aimed just to a nice tabletop quality.
Unable to decide on painting what’s on her hands as skin or as a towel, I chose a color similar to the skin tone, but lighter. So it could be both…
Once finished, I alternated matte and gloss coat, to give contrast between skin and skinless parts. I think it looks nice.
More pics: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/neverborn-doppelganger/
Comments will be welcome :)

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