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Very great report, Achilles.

You've become a trademark to me. Reports are easy to watch, they are not too long and not to short, camera doesn't jump and there is no image tremor)) 

May be it would be easier for unexperienced watcher (like I am), that you could indicate curret VPs score, SSs left and revealed schemes. May be not the constant indication but just in the screens, that might separate the game turns))

Would be waiting for the next report.

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Quick note here, Ash! First off, love the work you put into this stuff! The passion shows, my friend! Second, the strongarm can use 2 zeros while near VS with his upgrade, but they have to be different - You cant use the printed 0 twice! other than that, a great report as I have come to expect!

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Doesn't Bishop's extra AP only usable to move actions?

Another suggestion regarding rules and the mistakes that are bound to happen (which is pretty normal), why don't you invite a third person that knows the rules well to just correct some mistakes in game? I have seen it done before, like in Will Wheaton tabletop series.

Can't wait for the next one!

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