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Shenlong starter kit


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So.......I fancy having a dabble with Shenlong.


I'll obviously buy the crew box, but wondered what you guys suggested I buy alongside it to have a play around with?

I know the crew will always depend on schemes, but to allow me to try and get to grips with the mechanics I could do with a core crew to start with.


What do you reckon?

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I like snipers and samurai with Shenlong, myself. They both benefit heavily from his Focus (0) aura and the Focus that the peasants can hand out, as well as Yu's Focus boosting aura, to become really deadly attacking pieces, and the Samurai's 6 wounds go a lot further when several models in the crew can heal them.

I see the Lone Swordsman (whose model is due soon, I think?) played a lot with Shenlong as well, to take advantage of lots of pushes and as a cheap, hard-to-kill melee beatstick that also loves being healed.

Aside from that it's difficult to recommend many other models. Ten Thunders, and Shenlong in particular, have a wide variety of good models and can change their crews very easily to suit the strategy and scheme pool. Pick up stuff you like the look of and see how it goes.

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A lot of people will recommend Katanaka Snipers since Shenlong often allows them to take 2 focused shots per turn. My results with that plan have been pretty questionable.

The models I have the most success with alongside Shenlong are, unfortunately, not really available. I nearly always (like, 95% of the time) bring 1 or 2 10T Brothers and I very frequently bring Tengu, often in multiples. If you take a pair of marker based schemes, this set up (along side Yu and a Peasant) can pretty near guarantee 6 points.

I also really like Yin and Toshiro. Yin is an amazing tarpit who's main drawback in her speed. Yu and Shenlong can overcome that easily with their many pushes. Toshiro is good because you can use the corpse markers from the Peasants to get Ashigaru on the first few turns, and also because Shenlong crews often have a lot of minions for Toshiro to buff.

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