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12/12/15 December's Curse 50ss Tournament at Pandemonium, Garden City, MI


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Hello, I will be hosting Pandemonium's first official Malifaux tournament on December 12, 2015 using the Gaining Grounds rules provided by Wyrd. 


Basic Info:

Entry: $10
Registration Start: 10:00am
Round 1 Start: 11:00am
Fixed Faction (you pick one and play them the whole time and you may change masters between games, just not factions)
50ss and painting is NOT required

2 hour round times, 15min for setup and 1hr 45min for gameplay.

Prizes based on entries


I may be able to provide food for everyone. :) 


Here's a link to our Facebook page where we communicate other info. https://www.facebook.com/events/1533692920256328/


Location: 6033 Middlebelt Rd Garden City, MI 48135

Hope to see many folks there and that it isn't too cold by then. :P

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Here are the schemes and strats for next Saturday's event!!!

Deploy: Standard
Strat: Guard the Stash
Schemes: LiTS (Line in the sand), Breakthrough, Distract, Make Them Suffer, Murder Protege

Deploy: Flank
Strat: Interference
Schemes: LiTS, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, Vendetta

Deploy: Close
Strat: Extraction
Schemes: LiTS, Bodyguard, Assassinate, Entourage, Take Prisoner

Rd4: (if we need)
Deploy: Standard
Strat: Stake A Claim
Schemes: LiTS, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, Distract, Power Ritual

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