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Tara VS Guild


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Ok, So I have officially played 3 games not at Levi. AND ITS HARD!!! lol

Played once against Gremlins. I don't count this as a win because my opponent was new to V2. (Its just starting to catch back on in my area because most of the payer base got really butt hurt about the whole M2 deal. But it's getting better.)

Played 2 games against Guild. Once against Sonia and another against Perdita.

We were doing just starter VS starter with perdita and it wasn't even close. She shot me and shot me and shot me and I just died. Nothing beast finally made it to combat where he killed Santiago but then the buried papa came to base contact and murdered him dead.


Sonia was a full 50ss game and I just got hammered. My nothing beast was on FIRE ALOT!!! which I think is dumb becasue I kinda painted him to look like he is made of fire and I think that should mean something! lol


Any suggestions? I just got my death marshals and they will be added to the available models once they are painted. 

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I had only played Tara 4 times, but i love the beastie combo, Tara-Bishiop, and Nothing beast as support after the first strike. For any kind of strategy or objective if you are able to kill the enemy master or henchman at turn 1 is good, you need only 2 cards >7. Pull the void on Bishop, get closer to the enemy but be safe with all models, at the end reactive Tara, move, release a fast Bishiop that have a charge of 7, and after the 2 attacks he could use flurry for other 3 attack actions. After that you will have a + on initiative flips, for choose: active bishop for finish the job if necesary, active Tara for pull the void Bishop and go back or release he again. Nothing beast is difficult to use for that combo, because haven't the versatilite of Bishiop, and is very weak when you have a full hand. He is very good  for support Bishop or for kill the enemy scheme runner, thanks to incorporeal. After the dead of the enemy master or henchman try to bury the second stronger enemy model, and don't kill anybody if not necesary. If you would focus to bury the enemy team use karina and her upgrades Long forgotten magic. I suggest Bishop because i like he, but you could use anyone big model, except nothing beast because is too weak at the start of the turn, have only 7 wounds, and every time that you buried a friendly model for give him fast he will suffer 1 damage. Complete the crew with cheap scheme runner, like void wretch or dead marshals for don't go down to activation number.

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I would expect that outcome when playing Box vs. Box against Perdita.  Tara is not a combat master; she is purely support.  Her standard crew box gives very little for her to support, whereas Perdita & Family all specialize in murdering things.

Sonnia is going to be a tough matchup for Void-heavy Tara simply because she ignores Incorporeal with her casting actions and blasts.

Typically, in a 50ss match, I'll bring two beater models, Karina, two Void Wretches for scheme running and off-chance debuff, and whatever else I feel like will help my crew perform better.

Beaters for Outcast Tara:

  • Killjoy
  • Nothing Beast
  • Bishop
  • Taelor
  • Hannah

Support & other killy crew members:

  • Freikorps Librarian
  • Freikorps Trapper
  • Lust (mercenary)
  • Convict Gunslingers
  • Ronin

Summons for Karina:

  • Punk Zombie - Always a good use of +12 :crow
  • Guild Autopsy - 9 :crow or higher.  Great speed bump, decent gun, potential reactivate if opponent burns through their whole hand.
  • Students of Steel, Viscera, and Sinew - More summons for 12-13 :crow , but solid against their respective targets.
  • Drowned - Decent in melee.  Their "Finish the Job" does not work if the model dies while buried.
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I notice a lack of Desolation Engine on the beater list above. I'd probably take Bishop first for straight up murdering things, but the Desolation Engine is right up there with Killjoy for me. The ability to drop in Abominations if the Desolation Engine dies means that whatever it was in combat with is going to be tied up for at least one additional turn.


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Against guild you can play the range vs range game and do fairly well (at least until austringers start getting into range if they live).

I Typically run I Pay Better, Knowledge of Eternity on Tara with 2x Trappers. Ping both for fast then discard for I pay better focus and you get 4 focused shots into their crew turn 1 if they don't hide. If they do hide you can reposition and still have a focused shot.

Honest the beast bomb while nice, is a bit of a trap until you know how to best time it. Most the time your better off just making things fast and moving up the board quickly to setup charges, and catching opponents off-guard with models charging off after being repositioned by Tara.

Typically you bring at least 1 beater (some like more, I don't) that I recommend from the following list: Nothing Beast, Taylor, Dr. Grimwell, or Bishop (notice 3 of those are mercs that can use I Pay Better). The rest of the crew just fill in as needed though I like Johan as a secondary beater that is much cheaper then the others.


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