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Mega Demo at Lucca Comics 2015 (Italy) 28 Oct - 1 Nov


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Lucca Comics 2015,

GoblinClub e Malifaux Italia (Facebook Group)

With Pleasure we are proud to announce intro to the game and Demo (open to all) of Malifaux 2E.

Demo open to all, intro to the game and background description during all the Lucca Comics Event...

Come to play with us  at Miniature Island, you will be introduced to the game and receive all the info about the most innovative miniatures game 

Malifaux 2E

Painted Crews and all the necessary items to play and enjoy.


In partnership with the Facebook Group "oltre la breccia"


Henchmen of the event :

Marco Gualtiero Sanna - Mgsanna

Tommaso Mazzoli - svalvolo


Are you ready to cheat your fate!!!!!


Malifaux Italia e Oltre la breccia

are the most active and ancient of Malifaux in Italy, they collect and organize with their "forum"  all national players and Malifaux fans,

thanks to the frenetic and costant henchmen activity (7 person in Italy) the players community is growing every day....



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