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[GERMANY] SaarCon Grand Tournament + Team Tournament (14th +15th Nov)


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The Saar-Hammer Taletop Community will organize most of the tabletop action at SaarCon. Last year the Malifaux tournament was big. But this year we will go crazy ;-) The SaarCon wil be  Nov 14th and 15th at the University of Saarland. As highlights for this year we will have some big Malifaux Events (at least for Germany ;-).

Saturday: Deutsche Meisterschaft (inoffiziell ) / Grand Tournament Malifaux (inofficial German Nationals)
As I write this, 26 starting places are already booked. If more players are interested just register for the event! I can go up until 32 players. We will play 4 games gaining ground  with fixed faction and if needed a single final match with the 2 players that have 4 victories after 4 games.


Sunday: TeamTournament
A little special Team Event. Team up wit to other players and fight against another team. So ist’s 3 vs 3 at 3 tables. All victory points are added up and compared. 3 Rounds of fun!


Optional: Saturday/Sunday night
Demos, Enforcer Brawl (if enough player are willing ;-) and free play all night long!

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